A Hearth in Time for Christmas | 5 Reasons We Are The Best Solution [Blog]

Looking for the perfect hearth to gather around in time for Christmas?

Our stone elves have been working hard for the last few weeks getting everyone’s hearths ready for Christmas. But time is running out! If you are after a hearth for your new, warm wood burner, the 16th December is the last day you can place an order to guarantee Christmas delivery. So don’t hang about!

After weeks of non-stop work, we’d like to showcase a few of our beautiful hearths that we’ve made in the run up to Christmas to demonstrate how you simply cannot match our quality and finish!

So here are 5 reasons you should get in touch with us first!: 

  1. We will cut to exact specifications – Accurately & Quickly Every Time – we will work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need and that your hearth will arrive ready to fit.


2) No matter the Requirements, we can accommodate – if you need a hole in a specific place for a gas pipe. Not a problem!

slate-t-shape-5-min  slate-t-shape-4-min

3) After a back-panel as well? No problem. We can do two-piece hearths – We can work around any and all requirements. It doesn’t matter what you are after, we’ll work to see if we can help!



4)  No… Seriously… It doesn’t matter –  We can quote for any and every style & shape.


5) Oh, and also… we have fabulous ranges that you wont find anywhere else. A lot of these are exclusive stock only and aren’t advertised online. So give us a call and we’ll “show you what we got”.



I mean, check that out!^^^


If you want to get in touch, just give us a call on 01733 810161 and we’ll talk through all your requirements. Alternatively, email us at sales@primethorpepaving.co.uk and we can issue a quote straight away.

If you want to have a complete look at our hearth collection – simply click here –> http://primethorpepaving.co.uk/product-category/fire-hearth-stone/

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