As I’m sure you can appreciate delivery costings vary depending on where in the country you are, and how many sqm you require. Our delivery price is per box, up to and including 1 tonne of weight. Every stone type has a different density and weight; the stone you choose will determine how many sqm we can get into each box.

What Postcodes do Primethorpe Paving Supply to?

You can find all of our postcodes and delivery zones by using the simple charts below. Now we understand it is not that much fun to look through a postcode chart trying to find your postcode so please, if you would like to save yourself time looking through all the postcodes you can email us at and we can  work out a per box delivery price for you.

Paving Suppliers Nationwide

For our nationwide deliveries we use a company called Palletways as our main delivery firm. Palletways offer a simple, reliable service and delivery usually takes between 2 and 3 days from when an order is completed. Palletways can also offer next day delivery, if required, at an extra cost.

We can also provide forklift unload or Hi-ab crane Lorries for large orders (at requests) and for local delivery we use our own crane lift lorry.

It is important to have a mobile contact number so that we can pass it on to the delivery company who we request calls you 30 – 60 minutes before arrival to make sure you are ready.

Local Deliveries Near Peterborough

Local deliveries within an hour from Peterborough may be delivered by our team. Please contact us for delivery quote if you are local.

Our crates are securely and safely packaged to prevent damage to the slabs and injury to yourselves.

Can I Collect From the Paving Yard?

Collections are also available from our yard; a surcharge of £18 inclusive of VAT per pallet MAY be applied to any small order collection; or if the collection is outside of our collection times which are 9am -3.30pm Monday – Friday. This will only be applied for small orders of £80 or less.

UK CORE  Total Price £37.50 Plus Vat = £45

AL, B, BB, BD1-22, BD97-99, BL, CH, CV, CW, DE, DN1-12, DN16-17, DN21-22, DN31-35, DN40-41, DN55, DY, EN6-8, GL1-4, GL7, GL14, GL16-20, GL50-56, HD, HR1, HR4, HR6-9, HX, L, LE, LN1, LN5-6, LS, LU, MM MK, NG, NN, OL, PE1-11, PE13-16, PE19, PE26-30, PE38, PE99, PR, S, SK, SN1-7, SN25-26, ST, SY1-4, SY99, TF, WA, WF, WN, WS, WV.

UK INNER Total Price £41.50 Plus Vat = £49.80

BD23-24, BH1-5, BH11-15, BH17, BS, CB1, CB4-7, CB24-25, CF, DH, DN14-15, DN18-20, DN37-39, EN9-11, FY, GL5-6, GL8-13, GL15, HG, HR2-3, HR5, HU, IP22, IP24-33, IP98, LA1-10, LL11-14, LN2-4, LN7-10, NE1-13, NE15-18, NE20-45, NE62-64, NE82-83, NE85, NE88, NE92, NE98-99, NP, NR1-9 NR13-22, NR32-35, NR99, PE12, PE20-25, PE31-37, PO1-6, PO11-14, PO16, RM4, RM50, SN8-16, SN38, SN99, SP10-11, SR, SY5-9, SS12-15, TS, TW15-20, WD3-5, WD17-18, WD24, WD99, YO.

UK OUTER (SOUTH / EAST FRINGE) Total Price £46.50 Plus Vat = £55.80

BA3-16, BA20-22, BH6-10, BH18, BH21-25, BH31, BN1-3, BN5-18, BN41-45, BN50-52, BN88, BN99, CB1-3, CB8-11, CB21-23, CM1-6, CM11-24, CM92, CM98-99, E4, E7, E11-12, E17-18, EN1-5, HA, HP1-27, IG, IP1-21, IP23, LA11-23, N2-3, N9-14, N17-18, N20-22, NR10-12, NR23-31, NW2, NW4, NW7 NW9-11, OX1-5, OX7, OX9-18, OX20, OX25-29, OX33, OX39, OX44, PE22-25, PO7-PO10, PO15, PO17-22, RM1-3, RM5-20, SG1-19, SL0-9, SL60, SL95, SO18-19, S030-32, S050, SO53, SO97, SP1-9, SW14, UB, W3-5, W7, W13, WD6-7, WD19, WD23, WD25.

NORTHERN BELT / SOUTH EAST Total Price £46.50 Plus Vat = £55.80

BN20-27, CM0, CM7-9, CM77, C01-16, CR3, CR5-6, DL, ME1-10, ME14, ME20, ME99, NE19, NE46-49, NE61, NE65-71, RH, SO14-17, SM7, SO20-24, SO40-45, SO51-52, SS5-9, SS1-17, SS22, SS99, TW1-14.

SOUTH WEST CORE Total Price £51.50 Plus Vat = £61.80

BA1-2, BH16, BH19-20, BR1-8, CA, CT, GU1-20, GU26-35, GU46-47, GU51-52, GU95, ME11-13, RG, RH7-9, RH13-19, SS0-4, TA, TN 1-40

CENTRAL WALES/CENTRAL SCOTLAND Total Price £51.50 Plus Vat = £61.80

DT, EH1-14, EH27-30, EH47-49, EH51-55, EH91, EH95, EH99, EX1-18, EX24, EX31-37, FK1-7, G1-5, G9, G11-12, G20-23, G31-34, G40-46, G51-53, G58, G65-80, G90, LL15-36, LL40-41, LL57, ML1-9, SA1-20,SA31-48, SA80, SA99, TQ1-3, TQ11-14


DG, EH15-16, EH31-46, EX19-23, EX38-39, FK10, G13-15, G60-64, G81-84, KA1-26, KA29-30, KY2-5, LD, LL37-39, LL42-49, LL51-56, LL58-78, ML10-12, PA1-19, PL, SA61-73, SY10-11, SY16-25, TD, TQ4-10, TR1-16

REMAINDER SCOTLAND Total Price £77.50 Plus Vat = £93

AB, DD, FK8-9, FK11-21, IV1-28, IV30-32, IV36, IV55-56, IV63, IV99, KW1-3, KW5-14, KY1, KY6-16, KY99, TR17-27, PA21-38, PA41, PH1-18, PH19-26, PH30-41, PH49-50, TR93,



E1-2, E14, E77, E98, EC, N1, N81, SE1, SE11, SE16, SE17, WC


OUTER LONDON Total Price £41.50 Plus Vat = £49.80

CR0, CR2, CR4, CR7-9, CR44, CR90, DA, E3, E5-6, E8-10, E13, E15-16, E20, GU21-25, KT, N4-8, N15-16, N19, NW1, NW3, NW5-6, NW8, NW26, SE2, SE6, SE9, SE12, SE19-21, SE25-28, SE99, SM1-6, SW2-8, SW10-13, SW15-20, W2, W6, W8-12, W14.

LONDON CORE Total Price £51.50 Plus Vat = £61.80

SE3-5, SE7-8, SE10-11, SE13-15, SE18, SE22-24, SW1, SW9, SW95, SW99, W1.

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