HELP! Have you Purchased Anything from us in the Last Year?

Hi everyone!

We had a fantastic year last year. We sold a huge variety of products throughout the year – Sandstone Paving, Limestone Paving, Granite Paving, Fireplace Hearths, Stone Benches, Stone Flower Pots, you name it – but we haven’t seen any of the finished products! How sad.

So we’re asking anyone who’s bought something from us if they could quickly snap a picture and send it across to us. We’d love to create a gallery full of all the things people have bought from us over the last few months, but we need some pictures.

So, if you’re one of these people – simply fill out the form below. We’ll be forever grateful. If you leave your email or contact details, we’ll even try and sort a special rate for your next order. We look forward to hearing from you all.


The Primethorpe Team

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