Granite Paving

Our Granite paving slabs are composed mainly of quartz and other mineral grains. Granite can vary wildly in colour but is predominantly seen with grey, silver, dark brown and black tones, making it superbly relevant to the trend of today.

Your Granite Paving Slab has fantastic texture and feel. It is a traditionally rugged stone, making it useful in many projects and situations, from garden paths, to steps, driveways, patios and edges. Commonly associated with modern landscaping looks, this is a highly durable stone.

Paving with Granite is a brilliant choice; it is highly resistant to the elements. It also holds it’s quality and look tremendously well over time.

The city of Aberdeen is constructed of strong grey Granite from a quarry nearby which was used for over 300 years. Just like that city, with this product you really will have something that lasts the test of time!

Types Of Granite Paving Slabs: We have a great range of colours, textures, cuts and sizes of paving available in our Emperor, Silver and Ash ranges. Delivery is available UK wide. Take a look at our products and enquire or buy with ease today.

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