Hand Dressed Edge Fire Hearth Fossil Mint Sandstone

Fossil Mint Sandstone Fire Hearth | Hand Dressed Edges

£33.33 ex. VAT

Product Description

A range of high popularity at Primethorpe Paving is Fossil Mint Sandstone. Purple, Gold, Blue and Green subtleties lie on a predominantly strong colour background to make a superb spearmint-like effect. This stone shows brilliant look and feel in any area. The  sandstone can also be enhanced with the occasional fossilised fern leaf print visible on the stone.

Fossil Mint is inoffensive and stylish, but also very tough and durable.

At Primethorpe, we can offer fully customisable fire hearths. If the huge number of sizes we offer don’t quite suit – just get in touch as we are able to cut to your exact specifications.

We are one of the only UK suppliers happy to offer a small sample of our fireplace hearths before ordering. Simply click HERE to request a sample.

Fossil Mint Fire Hearth Stone (Hand Dressed Edges) Size & Price List

Fossil Mint fire hearths available in a variety of sizes – see prices below.

Prices are subject to VAT & Delivery charges. 
The following fees apply to these services:

Style & Size Price
Fossil Mint – Hand Dressed – 90cm x 60cm £33.33
Fossil Mint – Hand Dressed – 100cm x 100cm £110.00
Fossil Mint – Hand Dressed – 120cm x 60cm £47.50
Fossil Mint – Hand Dressed – 140cm x 80cm £120.00

We also offer a number of other services to ensure that your fire hearth fits in exactly with what you need. We can cut to exact specifications as well as sealing the stone so it comes immediately ready for use

Extra Price
T-Shape Cutting Fee (Large – Over 1m) £65.00
T-Shape Cutting Fee (Small – Under 1m) £50.00
Straight Cutting Fee £30.00
Sealing Service £12.50

For an accurate quote – please fill out the following form as accurately as possible and we will be in touch with a quote as soon as we can. Please ensure phone number is correct – we won’t be able to give you your quote, no matter how much we want to!

Alternatively, simply give us a call on 01733 810161 and we can arrange a quote over the phone.

* – Unvailable in Slate & only available in certain sizes. Call for details.


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