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Product Description

This granite is truly unique. It is very rare to find a stone that you truly describe as ‘pink’, but this is it. Set on a mainly pink background, this stone is broken up with white specks throughout. The end result is a delicate looking and incredibly stylish area which is made truly unique by the pink shades. A favourite of pavers UK wide whether it be for patios, gardens, paths or more.

If you are looking to make an impact with your paving choice, this Chima Pink granite is for you.

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Delivery Details

As Mentioned within our Delivery page our delivery price is per box up to and including 1 tonne in weight. Within this range the maximum sqm we can pack per 1 tonne box would be 17sqm. Therefore any amount up to 17sqm would equate to a 1 box delivery charge.

As a supplier we have no issue with supplying you with the exact amount of sqm you may require for your project. For example, if you have a 25 sqm area you would like to slab this would equate to 1 x full 17sqm box and an additional 8sqm second box.

To get a quote for a particular amount, please give the office a call on 01733 810161 or alternatively email us at

Granite Paving Slabs (Chima Pink) Size List

Product Sizes 90cm x 60cm,
60cm x 60cm,
60cm x 30cm,
30cm x 30cm
Colour Range Chima Pink Granite

These sizes are all multiples of 15cm, this makes for easier patio installation and creative laying designs. There are many cheaper 56cm series slabs on the market but these cause problems when laying and creating laying designs and have no consistent multiple unlike the 60 series.


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22mm Calibrated

Edge Finish




Surface Finish



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