Rippon Rose Modak Sandstone Crazy Paving

Rippon Rose Modak Sandstone Crazy Paving – Damaged Or Repurposed

£50.00 ex. VAT

Product Description

Modak (Rippon Rose) Sandstone Crazy Paving. This stock has been damaged during shipping or stocking and is therefore heavily discounted. If you are someone that likes to create wonder out of what could be wasted this is the product for you.

Make your project stand out with the beautiful pink, orange and gold colours of Ripon Rose, also known as Modak Sandstone Crazy Paving . A diversity curves and edges of stone really add that extra special touch to a garden edge or path. Another fantastic point? The price is so much lower than cut to size paving!

Ripon Rose Modak Sandstone is a stone that is visually stunning. With beautiful colour, and the variety of shape of paving we have available, you are truly onto a win with this product

Damaged during shipping/stocking – heavily discounted.


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