Sika PaveFix Plus – Buff

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Product Description

Product Description

Sika PaveFix Plus is supplied ready to use. It is a brush applied jointing compound for use on paths, patios and pavements with joints over 5mm Wide.

This jointing compound contains two separate bags per tub – perfect for when one full tub is far more than you need to finish a job.


  • Fast and easy to use. Simply brush into joints.
  • No mixing required.
  • Sets hard with no wash out.
  • Can be applied in either wet or dry conditions.
  • Resists weed growth.
  • Water permeable.

Areas For Use

  • As a jointing compound for our Paving Slabs and our Cobbles & Setts.
  • Footpaths
  • Outdoor Patio Areas.
  • Pedestrian Areas.
  • Driveways subject to light occasional vehicular traffic.


  • Carefully read all instructions and watch point leaflet before use.
  • Do not use on joints smaller than 5mm.
  • Do not use on tapered/chamfered joints.
  • Joint depth must be a minimum of 25mm.
  • Do no apply below 3C or if the ground/paving temperature is below 3C.
  • Do not use in areas of constant water immersion.
  • Sika PaveFix Plus should be considered for its aesthetic and not its structural properties.
  • The jointing should not be cleaned by use of high pressure washers until cured for 14 days. The distance between nozzles to jointing must be at least 15cm and a fan nozzle must be used.
  • Due to natural variations in sand shade, occasional colour differences may occur between batches. For large applications where multiple buckets may be used, always use the same batch of material to ensure consistency of colour.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. As the company cannot be aware of all the applications and materials the product may be used on, it is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. Please contact technical services for advice or request technical data sheet. 


Dampen the paving slabs before starting the job. Open one bag at a time, empty a small amount and immediately brush in, then repeat with the next small amount. Do not press or rub the Sika® Pave Fix Plus into the paving surface. Once filled, we recommend compacting Sika® Pave Fix Plus with a pointing trowel, other suitable tool, or by hand to help ensure a solid fill. On very porous surfaces such as Indian Sandstone ensure surface is kept damp during application. Do not allow surfaces to dry as temporary staining may occur. Paved areas and joints must be well drained, ideally from beneath, to avoid standing water in joints for long periods. A trial should always be carried out prior to full scale application.

Due to the nature of Sika® Pave Fix Plus, there are occasionally small lumps within the bag due to compression. If these can be easily broken up by hand, it is suitable for use. Hard lumps in the bag, greater than 50mm diameter, indicate that the oxygen barrier within the bag has been broken and should be returned to the store for exchange.

Depending upon the porosity and type of paving, Sika® Pave Fix Plus may highlight variations in the colour and texture of the paving. This will diminish over time, dependent upon weathering exposure and traffic. Natural stone can be susceptible to long term staining from all types of joint fillers, including sand/cement mortar. We recommend a trial in a small inconspicuous area or on off-cuts of paving prior to application to ensure that it does not stain light coloured paving.

Pave Fix Plus will start to set in 6-12 hours above 15ºC in dry conditions. Allow up to 4 days for full set in temperatures between 4ºC and 15ºC. Contact with rain or moisture can slow the final set. To further harden and waterproof, Sika Patio Seal may be applied.

Specific Data






Store upright in original, tightly sealed containers.

Shelf Life

12 Months from date of manufacture in unopened bags.



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