Race to 1,000m [Spring Update]: Are you a winner?

Here at Primethorpe Paving, we take care of our regular customers. We keep tabs on just how much our customers are ordering from us, and reward them accordingly. It’s been a little while since we have updated everyone with the ‘leader-board’, so here’s a reminder of how it works:

  • Each customer that reaches 500 SQM of paving/cobbles in the period October 2017 – September 2017 can collect a free Hand-sawn Plant Pot to complete a project or place in their own garden.
  • Each customer that reaches 1,000 SQM of paving/cobbles can collect a free stone bench, again, either for a customer or their own garden.
  • The FIRST customer to reach 1,000 SQM will receive a luxury weekend break for two – Destination, date & itinerary is completely flexible and will be discussed upon reaching the milestone.

Simple! So take a look at the infographic below to see just how all of our regular customers are getting on:




















Over the course of the winter, there has been a few changes within the race. Still no change at the top, but The Garden Construction Company are being caught fast! Here’s a break down of the top 8:

1st – The Garden Construction Company (Steve Arrel)
2nd – Hazelwood Landscapes (https://www.hazelwoodlandscapes.com/)
3rd – Marram Gardens (http://www.marramgardens.co.uk/)
4th – AJS Landscapes (http://www.ajslandscapes.com/)
5th – Alan Gardener

The Garden Construction Company are within 100 SQM of claiming their first prize, but Hazelwoods are gaining fast, less than 30 SQM behind them. Who’s going to be the first to claim the prize? It’s anyone’s guess.

As we head into our busiest period – there’s no telling how much is going to change over the next few months, so keep yourself updated and see if you can get yourself featured on our race!

All the best,
Primethorpe Team

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