Who Can Already Taste that Luxury Weekend Break? [Competition]

Another month over… Have the standings changed in our race to 1,000m? Remember, the first ‘athlete’ to pass the 1000 SQM mark earns themselves a free weekend luxury break to mark their efforts! All participants that reach 500SQM earn a hand cut, natural cut plant pot and those who manage 1000 SQM (runners up!) will receive a natural stone bench to add a finishing touch to their garden.



With a handful of new customers reaching the 100m mark, the race is slowly turning into a marathon. 4 new entrants in November:

  • Belvoir Landscapes
  • Granite Brick
  • James Long
  • Roger Simms

Welcome to the race. Game on!


Updating you from last month we had the Garden Construction Company out to an early lead, with:

  • 2nd place – 150 SQM – Alan Gardner
  • 3rd place – 147 SQM – Mark Wright
  • 4th place – 132 SQM – Marram Gardens
  • 5th place – 107 SQM – AJS Lanscapes

in hot pursuit.


So, how is this month looking?:


You can see that no one has yet managed to catch up to The Garden Construction Company. They have maintained their lead and purchased 319.27 SQM of stone through two months.

As for the other podium places:

  • 2nd Place – Alan Gardner – 217.93 SQM
  • 3rd Place – Mark Wright – 176.06 SQM

With every single other athlete between 110 & 150 SQM purchased, it could not be closer. 

As we approach our quieter period, it’s good the see the numbers still rising. If you recognise one of your landscapers on the list, give them a push and help them earn themselves a holiday. I’m sure they would appreciate it!

All the best,

The Primethorpe Team

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