18 Jun 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Stone Tiles

Posted By Primethorpe Paving
If you happen to have a 'blank canvas' garden and want to add entertainment space to it, why not build a natural stone tiled patio. But before you commit to buying your slabs, check out our useful guide to stone tiles. Read on.
6 Mar 2019
It can be tough to know exactly what to go for when selecting the perfect outdoor paving slab. There is such a wide variety available that the choice can be quite overwhelming. However, we want to make it a little easier and give you a few tools to start whacking through the thick jungle that is ...
23 Apr 2018
Sandstone Paving This increasingly popular choice of sandstone paving gained popularity around a decade ago. A quick look up and down your street and the chances are you will spot a handful of properties with these slabs installed in their front gardens.
16 Apr 2018
When undertaking a paving project with Slate Paving Slabs, before you begin marking out an area or pick up a single tool, there is something to consider before that – which material are you going to use? It’s important to work out for yourself, or for your client, exactly which pavin...
29 Aug 2017

Laying Guide

Posted By Primethorpe Paving
If your plan is particularly large, or if, after reading this guide, you feel it is a little too much for you to carry out yourself – there are a range of affordable professionals that would be more than happy to help with the task. Just get in touch and we will be able to point you in the right ...

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