It’s hardly a secret. Buying a new patio is an experience that is often fraught with potential issues. We find there are usually two routes that you can go down when looking to create a new garden space:

  • The first, plump for formed concrete slabs. These slabs are man-made and as a result are more consistent than their natural counterparts. This tends to take some of the stress out of purchasing as you know exactly what you are getting. However, the product you end up with is often neither exciting nor durable. Concrete slabs are slightly duller with a teeny-tiny life span, but hey – at least they are consistent!
  • As for the second option, you can go for natural paving slabs. These have formed over thousands of years – yep, thousands! – and as a result are always unique and very, very durable. However, these aren’t without fault – these products are cut straight out of the ground, and as a result you simply cannot guarantee consistency between slabs. What one supplier calls Raj Green Paving may be more similar to another suppliers Autumn Brown Paving which can make the whole process slightly more concerning. The colours of natural slabs are beautiful and will last a heck of a lot longer than their concrete friends, but we completely understand the stress that comes with buying natural slabs.

It’s easy enough to get torn between the two options. But at Primethorpe, we are certain that the best way to go with your patio is natural – it’s a no brainer – the slabs will last longer and simply look way more attractive (plus they are thousands of years old! What a conversation piece). We’ve done everything we can do make this process less stressful and ensure you know you will love what you are getting before you purchase.

Our Online Showroom is unlike anything else we’ve come across. Not only only does it allow you to view all of our product ranges, but all the slabs you see are photographed from our actual stock – so the colours and finishes are all slabs that have physically been through our yard. This means you can see the exact colour and style you will get – these are not computer generated images, these are actual slabs, that we have actually touched and then actually photographed!

The software lays the slabs in front of your eyes:



Simply click ‘Style’ in the top left corner and you will be able to see all of the ranges we have available:



Click any range you like the look of and see exactly what it would look like when laid. You can even see an example of it in an imaginary patio setting!:


Limestone paving, Sandstone Paving, Granite Paving & Slate Paving are all available to view. As are our huge range of cobbles – perfect for use on a driveway (You can even see them used in this way!):

The software is fantastic and we hope that it takes some of the stress and uncertainty away from purchasing natural paving. We understand that the biggest issue with natural paving is consistency in the colours – but hopefully by photographing all of our products and using them in this way, we can take away a huge amount of that uncertainty. We think it is far and away the best way to go with a new patio as you simply cannot match the finish of natural stone and as everything you can see on this software is stock that has physically been through our yard, you can know for sure what to expect from each and every colour range that we supply.

We highly recommend having a play around with the software – it’s a great tool and you can see all of our product ranges, both sealed and unsealed, as well as in different laying patterns.

Click HERE to check out the Online Showroom

A link to the showroom can also be found on the homepage, so feel free to check back in with us whenever you like!


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