Teak Sandstone Cobbles | 10cm x 10cm


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Teak Sandstone Cobbles | 10cm x 10cm is available for purchase in increments of 0.1

Teak Sandstone is a quirky and unique choice. A naturally occurring sandstone that has naturally formed into a 'wood-grain' effect.

The Product: 10cm x 10cm yellow limestone cobbles. They are sold by the square meter - 1 QTY purchased is a square meter of cobbles.

Cobbles per m2: 81 x 10cm x 10cm cobbles per m2.

The Size: These cobbles are all 10cm x 10cm.

The Edges: The edges of these slabs are clean cut, sawn edges which makes for the neatest joints between the slabs. The visible top surface is also sawn smooth.

The Thickness: These slabs are all calibrated to 45mm thick. This means they are much easier to lay whilst keeping level.

Colour Palette for Teak Sandstone: A yellow buff background with darker shades of orange & brown veins running across the surface for a wood-like effect.

Also Known As: Teakwood





Product Description

Teak Sandstone is one of most unique ranges on the market. The sandstone has formed in layers over the years and the result is a wood-like veining, which gives as close to a 'wooden' effect that you can expect from a natural stone. The slabs are set on a buff/yellow background with the veins running across the slabs in varying shades of orange/brown. The end result is a quirky wooden effect which occurs completely naturally.

Sandstone is an excellent all-round choice. The stone is a sedimentary stone, which consists of small grains which are held together by a silicon 'natural cement'. It's this cement that gives the sandstone is wide ranging variations in colour and texture. Silicon is a very tough substance, which is why sandstone is so hard wearing and worthy of the investment.


Teak Sandstone Sawn Edge Cobbles

Stone Cobbles and Setts are a very versatile stone product. If you are paving an area with flags or paving stones, you can use stone cobbles as an edging. Alternatively, cobbles and setts are perfect for use in driveways, either as an edging or for the entirety of the driveway. The cobbles are incredibly durable and can take a lot of pressure so are perfect for this use.

This paving has gone through an extra process whereby the edges of the stone have been clean-cut sawn to provide a perfectly smooth edge. The benefit here is two-fold – any visible edges create a very contemporary look with the smooth edges and also, the perfectly straight edges mean the slabs sit alongside each other like a jigsaw.

Additionally, the surface of the stone is also sawn smooth which results in a very smooth surface on all 6 sides of the cobbles.

Interested? Why not Order a Colour Sample?


Virtual Brochure

Our Virtual Brochure helps you see exactly what your slabs will look like when they arrive. The slabs in our Virtual Brochure are paving slabs that have physically been through our yard and photographed. Hopefully this takes away some of the stress involved with natural paving variations – you can see our exact stock before you buy!

Have a play around with our interactive Teak cobbled patio below. Here you can have a play around with laying patterns, grout colours and scenes for inspiration.

If you want to view our full interactive brochure click here.


Additional information

Slab Sizes

10cm x 10cm

Colour Range

Teak Sandstone


Delivery Details

As Mentioned within our Delivery page our delivery price is per box up to and including 1 tonne in weight. Within this range the maximum m2 we can pack per 1 tonne box would be 8m2. Therefore any amount up to 8m2 would equate to a 1 box delivery charge.

As a supplier we have no issue with supplying you with the exact square meterage you may require for your project. For example, if you have a 25m2 area you would like to cobble, this would equate to 3 x full 8m2 boxes and an additional 1m2 in a fourth box. The additional fourth box is charged as full box for delivery purposes, so customers either stick with the three full boxes or alternatively fill the fourth box with extras as this doesn't incur any extra delivery charges.

To get a quote for a particular amount, please give the office a call on 01733 810161 or alternatively email us at sales@primethorpepaving.co.uk.

Please take a moment to have a read through our full terms & delivery methods as it's important to understand that slab delivery is slightly more complicated than the delivery of a small parcel! You can see all information here regarding any orders: http://primethorpepaving.co.uk/delivery

Additional Information

Edge Type Sawn Edges
Material Sandstone
Size 10cm x 10cm
Surface Finish Sawn Smooth
Thickness 45mm Calibrated

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