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Grey porcelain paving is the perfect backdrop for any outdoor project. Allow other elements of your garden to shine through with a long-last, beautiful option from our Grey porcelain collection.

If you have a bright green lawn, or colourful plants placed throughout your outdoor space, a neutral background of a grey porcelain tile will help these colours shine through.

FAQ's - Grey Porcelain Paving

What is the best colour for outdoor porcelain paving?

It's all about personal preference! For modern spaces, a colour palette of black, whites or greys are always popular.

The Mediterranean vibe is also proving more and more popular. This is often achieved with cream-coloured porcelain.

Do dark porcelain slabs get hot?

No! The finished product is water and weather resistant thanks to the manufacturing process.

This also means they are UV resistant so won't get hot even under the most intense summer sun. A perfect solution.

Do porcelain paving slab's colours fade?

They don't. Porcelain slabs are resistant to UV light, so won't fade over time like other natural stone paving. 

What is the right colour paving for your home?

The best paving colour to choose is normally the one that will best compliment the rest of the house.

  • White House - Opt for grey paving or something darker to act as a contrast.
  • Red Brick - Choosing some red or other colourful stones can be good. A cream may also work here.
  • Dark Roof Slate - If you have a dark roof, then avoid dark paving as the space can become overwhelmingly dark.