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Limestone cobbles are incredibly popular stones which help create stunning natural spaces. They are small, thick and versatile stones with consitent colour palettes which make them a really popular choice.

Thanks to their consistent colour, Limestone Cobbles are perfect for creating a defined edge around your patio. Black Limestone cobbles are especially popular for this exact reason. However, limestone is also a functional & durable stone, so is also perfect for whole areas and driveways thanks to it's ability to deal with high traffic.

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Limestone cobbles are decorative and functional. Sandstone cobbles tend to be more varied and colourful, but our Limestone cobbles are more consistent in colour so are perfect for defined patio edges and eye-catching driveways or patio areas.

They are available in 10cm x 10cm or 20cm x 10cm sizes, both of which are perfect for high traffic areas thanks to their abilty to withstand pressure. The perfect balance between beauty and functionality - take a look at our collection below.