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Welcome to our Paving Sizes section, a curated selection where precision meets aesthetics. Size matters when it comes to paving - it's the key to creating harmony and balance in your outdoor space, setting the stage for your garden's narrative.

Our Paving Sizes collection is designed to fit every vision and every space, big or small. Starting from the large, grand statements made by our 900 x 600 paving slabs, ideal for expansive spaces and bold designs. For a bit more traditional look, our 600 x 600 paving slabs offer a perfect square shape that works well in various layouts.

Looking for something more compact? Our 600 x 300 paving slabs bring versatility and a unique look to smaller spaces or intricate designs. Each of these size options is hand-selected, ensuring a precise fit for your design needs and ensuring a seamless installation experience.

Discover our Paving Sizes today, and let's pave the way to your dream outdoor space together. No matter the size of your project, we have the perfect paving solution to bring your vision to life.

FAQ's - Paving Sizes

What is the easiest size of paving to install?

Smaller paving slabs, like those measuring 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 300mm, are often considered the easiest to install. Their lighter weight and smaller dimensions make them simpler to handle and position. However, the ease of installation can also depend on factors like the complexity of your paving design and your DIY skills.

Why are 90cm x 60cm slabs so popular?

90cm x 60cm paving slabs are popular due to their versatility and aesthetic appeal. This size is large enough to make a visual impact and reduce the number of joints, creating a seamless look. They're suitable for various layouts and patterns, and their proportions are pleasing to the eye, which contributes to a more spacious and elegant appearance of your patio or garden.

Are 60cm x 60cm slabs the cheapest?

The price of paving slabs is generally more related to the material and finish rather than the size. However, 60cm x 60cm slabs can be more cost-effective due to their popularity and widespread use, leading to more competitive pricing. It's always best to compare options based on your budget and the look you want to achieve.

What size paving is best for small gardens?

In small gardens, using smaller slabs such as 600mm x 600mm or 600mm x 300mm can help to create a sense of space and proportion. However, using larger slabs like the 900mm x 600mm with fewer joints can also give an illusion of a larger space. The best size ultimately depends on your garden's layout and your personal design preference.

900 x 600 Paving Options:

Unveil the beauty of precision in garden design with our 900 x 600 Paving Slabs. Meticulously selected for their exact dimensions, each piece of premium grade quarried stone offers the ideal canvas for your garden masterpiece.

Our collection of 900 x 600 Paving Slabs opens the door to an exquisite outdoor living space that marries convenience and style. With the unique hues of each slab serving as the cornerstone of your garden's design, you can craft a beautiful, functional space that mirrors the refined aesthetics of top lifestyle influencers and magazines.

For the DIY enthusiasts, we've streamlined your creative process with our free, nominated day delivery, available nationwide. Now, transforming your garden into a stylish haven is as convenient as it is enjoyable.

Explore the collection of our 900 x 600 Paving Slabs today. With exact dimensions and vibrant colours, each slab is a stepping stone towards an outdoor space that is as unique as you are. Embrace the luxury of precision in design and create a garden that is truly your own.

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600 x 600 Paving Slabs:

Welcome to our collection of 600 x 600 Paving Slabs - a curated range where precision meets elegance. Each slab, a piece of premium grade quarried stone, is meticulously selected for its exact dimensions, providing the perfect canvas for your garden transformation.

The 600 x 600 Paving Slabs offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Influenced by the aesthetics of top lifestyle magazines and influencers, each slab is a vibrant expression of your personal style, and a testament to your appreciation for decor and design.

The DIY enthusiast in you will rejoice at the convenience of our free, nominated day delivery, ensuring that your creative journey is as effortless as it is exciting. Our 600 x 600 slabs unlock endless possibilities in design, allowing you to mould your garden into a personalised oasis of style.

Immerse yourself in our collection of 600 x 600 Paving Slabs today. With their perfect dimensions and captivating hues, they are the stepping stones to a garden that is a unique reflection of your taste and personality. Embrace precision, invite style, and elevate your outdoor space with our range.

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600 x 300 Paving Slabs:

Welcome to a realm of precision and style with our collection of 600 x 300 Paving Slabs. Carefully chosen for their exact dimensions, these premium grade quarried stones offer the perfect foundation for your garden transformation.

Our 600 x 300 Paving Slabs reflect the unique, refined taste of homeowners who embrace the DIY ethos and the convenience of creating a beautiful outdoor living space. Each slab, a vibrant testament to style, encapsulates the aesthetics you’d see gracing the pages of top lifestyle magazines and the feeds of influential decor enthusiasts.

We know your time is valuable, which is why we offer free, nominated day delivery, ensuring your creative process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. These style-focused slabs serve as the colourful cornerstone for your garden design, paving the way for a premium finish that is uniquely yours.

Explore our collection of 600 x 300 Paving Slabs today. With their precise dimensions and captivating colours, they are stepping stones to a garden that's an authentic reflection of your personality. Welcome to your next stylish DIY project. Let's create a garden that is every bit as unique as you are.

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