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Wall Coping Stones - What are they?

As the name suggests, coping stones are used to cap (or top) walls. They can be made from a variety of materials, but concrete, natural stone and brick are the most common. Coping stones are usually wider than the wall they're topping, which helps to protect the wall from weather damage. So if you have a single brick width wall for example, then a 15cm wide coping might be the answer.

We specialise in natural stone copings: Limestone Copings & Sandstone Copings. Both are perfect for decorative spaces and have an important functional use as well.

Installing & Using Coping Stones

Coping stones are attached to the top of an installed wall. They are suitable for almost any type of wall, from clay brick, to natural quarried stone. 

To attach the coping stone to the top of the wall, it's important to use the right mortar mix for your coping stones to ensure they will stand the test of time. We have written on a full guide on how best to install your coping stones here.

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We have copings to suit any style of space. Whether you are looking for something impactful such as our Black Limestone Copings Stones, or something more traditional like our Raj Green Coping Stones, there will be something to suit your project.