There is a delivery charge that comes with each box purchased. 

Our delivery price is per box based on a maximum 1000kg per pallet.

Delivery costings do vary depending on where in the country you are and how many square meters / quantities you may require.

For example if you require 25m2 of a certain paving this would weigh 1500kg and therefore be packed and charged as 2 x delivery costings.

The total m2 amount per 1000kg will vary depending on the material and product type.

What Postcodes Does Primethorpe Paving Supply To?

Our postcode zone chart shows the different prices of delivery across the UK . We understand it's not that much fun or indeed very easy to look through a postcode chart trying to find yours so if you would like to save yourself time looking you can email us and we can work out a price, including delivery.

For our nationwide deliveries we use a various pallet distribution companies. Delivery usually takes between 2 and 3 days from when payment is received . If an express delivery is required we can offer next day delivery service at an additional costing. All next day delivery request must be received before 12pm the previous day.

We can also provide forklift unload or Hi-ab crane Lorries for large orders (at request) and if it is a local delivery we may use our own crane lift lorries.

Collections are also available from our premise if you wish; please note a collection surcharge of £18 inclusive of VAT per order may be applied to any collection at our discretion that does not surpass a £100 purchase.

UK CORE | Zone 1 | £45 inc. VAT - B, BB, BD (1-22), BD (97-99), BL, CH, CV, CW, DE, DN (1-12), DN (16-17), DN (21-22), DN (31-35), DN (40-41), DN55, DY, GL (1-4), GL7, GL14, GL (16-20), GL (50-56), HD, HR1, HR4, HR (6-9), HX, L, LE, LN1, LN (5-6), LS, LU, M, MK, NG, NN, OL, PE (1-11), PE19, PE (26-30), PE38, PE99, PR, S, SK, SN1-7, SN25-26, ST, SY1-4, SY99, TF, WA, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV.

UK INNER | Zone 2 | £49.80 inc. VAT - BD (23-34), BH (1-5), BH (11-17), CB (4-7), DH, DN (14-15), DN (18-20), DN (37-29), FY, GL (5-6), GL (8-13), GL15, HG, HR (2-3), HR5, HU, LL (1-14), LN (2-4), NE (1-13), NE (15-18), NE (20-45), NE (62-24), NE (82-83), NE85, NE88, NE92, NE (98-99), PE12, PE (20-21), PE (31-37), SN (8-16), SN38, SN99, SP (10-11), SR, SY (5-9), SY (12-15), TS, YO.

UK OUTER | Zone 3 | £55.80 inc. VAT - AL (1-10), BA (3-16, BA (20-22), BH (6-10), BH18, BH (21-25), BH31, BS (1-11), BS (13-16), BS (20-32), BS (34-27), BS (39-41), BS (48-49), BS80, BS (98-99), CB (1-3), CB (8-11), CB (21-23), CF, EN (6-11), HA, HP (1-27), IP22, IP (24-33), IP98, LA (1-10), LN (1-13), NP, OX (1-5), OX7, OX (9-18), OX20, OX (20-25), OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49, PE (22-25), PO (1-17), SG (1-19), SL (0-9), SL60, SL95, SO (18-19), SO (30-32), SO50, SO53, SO97, SP (1-9), TW (15-20), UB, WD (3-7), WD (17-19), WD (23-25), WD99.

INNER FRINGES | Zone 4-7 | £61.80 inc. VAT - BA (1-2), BH16, BH (19-20), BN (1-3), BN (5-18), BN (20-27), BN (41-45), BN (50-52), BN88, BN99, BR (1-8), CA, CM0, CM (1-9), CM (11-24), CM77, CM92, CM (98-99), CO (1-16), CR3, CR (5-6), CT, DG, DL, DT, EH, EN (1-5), EX  (1-24), EX (31-37), FK (1-7), FK10, G (1-5), G9, G (11-15), G (20-30), G (31-34), G (40-46), G (51-53), G58, G (60-84), G90, GU (1-20), GU (26-35), GU (46-47), GU (51-52), GU95, IG (1-11), IP (1-21), IP23, KA (1-26), KA (29-30), KT, KY (2-5), LA (11-23), LD, LL (15-36), LL (37-30), LL (40-41), LL (42-49), LL (51-78), ME (1-12), ME (11-13), ME14, ME20, ME99, ML (1-9), ML (10-12), NE19, NE (46-49), NE61, NE (65-71), PA (1-19), PL, PO (18-22), RG, RH (1-6), RH (7-9), RH (10-12), RH (13-20), RH77, RM (1-20), RM50, SA (1-20), SA (31-48), SA (61-73),  SA80, SA99, SM7, SO (14-17), SO (20-24), SO (40-45), SO (51-52), SS (0-9), SS (11-17), SS99, SY (10-11), SY (16-25), TA, TD, TQ (1-14), TN1-40, TR1-16. 

OUTER FRINGES | Zone 8-10 | £96.00 inc. VAT - AB, DD, FK (8-9), FK (11-21), IV (1-28), IV (30-32), IV36, IV (55-56), IV63, IV99, KW (1-3), KW (5-14), KY1, KY (6-16), KY99, PA (21-38), PA41, PH (1-26), PH (30-41), PH (49-50), TR (17-27), TR93.

CENTRAL & OUTER LONDON | Zone 11 & 13 | £49.80 inc. VAT - BR, CR0, CR2, CR4, CR (7-9), CR44, CR90, DA, E (1-3), E5, E (8-9), E (14-15), E77, E98, EC, GU (21-25) N1, N81, NR (1-35), NR99, SE1, SE16-17, SM (1-6), TW (1-14), W1, WC.

INNER LONDON | Zone 13 | £61.80 inc. VAT - E4, E (6-7), E (10-13), E (16-18), E20, N (2-22), NW (1-11), NW26, SE (2-10), SE (12-15), SE (18-28), SE99, SW (1-20), SW95, SW99, W (2-14).

How Do I Go About Taking Delivery?

If you are to receive a delivery please make sure you are clear about exactly when they will be delivered and arrange for appropriate persons and facilities to be in place. Please note that a nationwide delivery using a pallet distribution company will be booked as a kerb side delivery and will be unloaded via a tail-lift and pump truck service. At the drivers discretion the goods may be unload to a driveway or front garden. For this to be possible the driver would need to have access via a hard standing level ground. Gravel or broken concrete and even a slight incline may prevent anything other than a kerb side delivery possible. Once an order is placed we will provide you with a delivery date, we will then ask for a contact number that we can pass to the delivery company. A request will then be made to call you 1 hour before arrival

What If Some Goods Arrive Damaged?

When the product/delivery arrives check as much as possible whilst the delivery person waits, Each delivery is allocated a 20 mins window. if the driver is in a hurry only sign the delivery note if you can also write "unchecked". If boxes look as though they are damaged you have two options:

1.   Refuse the delivery 
2.   Accept the delivery, make the delivery person aware and sign for the goods clearly writing damaged on the delivery paperwork

In both situations you should call us immediately and report the problem, back up all telephone calls with a written confirmation and photographs within 24hrs of the goods arriving. If we receive any emails or Photographs after the 24hr window closes we will not be covered by the delivery companies insurance policy and will therefore finding replacing the good very difficult. Photographs must include the damaged goods in the original packaging and in the location where the goods were left by the driver. The delivery company have a contractual responsibility to supply you with goods which are of satisfactory quality. If you arranged the delivery directly with the courier yourself, the responsibility will be yours to prove that it was the courier who caused the damage to the products not you.

It is worth noting that due to the distance involved occasional a few slabs may get damaged in transit, we would request that when purchasing to order an additional 5% of material to cover such breakages. Any damaged slabs received will still be potentially used in you design for any cutting required. It is very difficult to replace a small amount of breakages as packaging and distributing small amounts without suffering more breakages is almost impossible. It is highly advisable where space in a box is available to order the additional 5% as suggested.

What if I Have Any Quantity Discrepancies?

It is difficult if you are taking delivery of 1000’s of cobbles or packs of mixed size slabs; to ensure that you do indeed have the correct number. On occasions such as these the delivery person will not usually wait whilst you count the items. If you sign the delivery note "Unchecked" you have an opportunity to claim if the incorrect quantity has been delivered. We allow you 24hrs to check deliveries and report faults. It is therefore imperative that deliveries are fully checked as soon as is possible and within this 24hr window. Any discrepancies must be reported to us directly and we will then check our picking notes and dispatch records.

If after our checks you have receive less than the amount you ordered:

1.   You may only cancel the missing balance and request a refund for the said items. 
2.   You may ask the supplier to deliver the missing balance at your convenience 
3.   You may reject the part order and cancel the balance informing the supplier that the delivery is in breach of contract as the full quantity is required

If you are unsure about how to deal with either damaged deliveries and consignments with quantity discrepancies please contact us on 01733 810161.

What If I Receive Incorrect Goods?

If the goods match your delivery paperwork and you have just simply bought the wrong item or ordered the incorrect quantity, we will be willing to assist in helping you return the goods. A 15% restocking fee may be applied, the cost of the return delivery will have to be covered by yourself, we only accept returns on full boxes only. The original delivery costing will also be deducted from your final refund.

If the goods do not match your purchase order:

1.   You may reject the delivery and cancel all future deliveries (assuming this is your first instalment) 
2.   You may reject the delivery and request a re-delivery within a reasonable amount of time. 
3.   You may accept the goods

Its also worth noting that all our product are of a natural material and as a result the product will contain natural colour variation, potential riven marking, mineral deposit/lines.