Social distancing procedures are in place on-site, however as we have an outdoor display we will not be enforcing a mask policy for visitors.
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How Do Your Deliveries Work?

We use a third-party courier company – much like UPS, bur for large pallets – who will complete our deliveries with a tail-lift lorry to put the pallet as near as possible to where you need it using a nationwide pallet company. For the delivery to be completed successfully, the ground and road need to be flat, level and solid to use this system. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your area, just give us a call and let us know, and we will be able to advise.

Broken concrete, gravel or sloping ground is unsuitable and pallets may be left on the kerbside at the driver’s discretion if he deems it safe to do so. If you want to guarantee a forklift offload, we can supply this for larger orders – simply contact us to arrange a quote. Additionally, deliveries local to Peterborough can be arrange do be delivered with our own crane lift lorry.

What Level of Quality and Precision are Your Paving Stones?

All our products are 100% natural and have either been cut to size by hand or by a saw operative. We take the utmost care to ensure that we import the highest quality cut slabs to the exact measurements described on our products. As a result, the vast majority of our slabs are exactly the size described, however, a small minority of our slabs may be plus or minus 1cm in length or width, so please allow for these tolerances when laying the stone.

As for the thickness of our slabs, they will be in one of two ranges. We either describe our slabs as 22mm calibrated, or 25mm-35mm thick. With our stock levels being so high year-round, it would be impossible for us to check each and every slab to ensure thickness, so occasionally slabs cut slightly thinner may appear with a crate. We import top quality stone to ensure good thickness, so this should only affect a maximum of 5% of our slabs, but please allow a +/- of 5mm in thickness on this 5%.

It's also important to note that our slabs are 100% natural, so you cannot guarantee that any two slabs will be exactly the same. Whilst we think this a bonus, if you are looking for uniformity, you may not find it with natural paving. We are able to advise on which slabs may give the best uniform finish, but there is always likely to be variation with natural paving. There may be the odd imperfection in some stones, but this is to be expected with natural paving and only adds to the charm. Also, please note that the surfaces of the stones may vary in roughness. In our opinion, you simply can’t beat it on finish, beauty and uniqueness but it is important to know the potential drawbacks of natural paving.

How do you Ensure my Delivery is Secured?

Despite our best efforts to safely package and transport our slabs, due to the long distances and huge weights involved, occasionally 1 or 2 slabs within a box will arrive damaged. We do ensure that no broken slabs leave our yard as we personally check each box onto the delivery vehicle before it leaves the yard. Any damaged slabs will be removed before they are loaded, however there are some breakages that are difficult to spot with an external check – especially the darker ones – do occasionally some damaged slabs may still be dispatched. Please do not be alarmed if you do have a couple of broken slabs on arrival, as these will always come in handy for the cuts that your patio design may require.

If you are concerned about any of the above, we would always strongly advise ordering a minimum of 5% extra to cover such breakages and on-site damages. It is always better to slightly overorder than be left short at the end of a job – it is difficult to send individual slabs long distances without significant damages, so it is highly recommended that this extra is ordered.

If you do receive more than a few broken slabs per pallet, you can of course report these to us and we will endeavour to find a solution. Please report any damages to us within 24 hours of receipt via our above email addresses. Provide as much photographic evidence as possible of the damaged slabs either in the unopened box or still in the box during the unpacking process for insurance purposes.

If the delivery note is signed as ‘unchecked’ or similar, it does not waive your right of notification to us for damage. If the delivery note is signed as so, it will be deemed to have been accepted as undamaged. We cannot accept claims for damaged goods if the courier has obtained a clean signature or if more than 24 hrs since delivery has passed. We advise that ideally there will be two people on-site to accept to delivery in order to check the order effectively – each driver is allocated around 15 minutes to make the drop, which gives you plenty of time to begin unloading and check as much of the order as possible before signing. Two people will likely mean that you are able to check most, if not all, of your order before signing it as (un)damaged.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your goods are checked before signing the delivery note. If you have received a pallet or box that is damaged and have actually signed for the delivery without stating the damages then the delivery company or ourselves will not be held responsible for the breakages.

What If I Have a Problem With my Order?

If you are not completely satisfied with your choice of purchase we would have no problem exchanging items. Items you wish to exchange must be returned to us at the cost of the buyer and replacement sent will also be at buyers cost.

We also have no problem offering full refunds on full un opened boxes only however a small re stocking fee of 15% will apply

Thanks for taking the time to read our FAQs, terms and conditions.