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Installation Extras

Paving Installation Extras

Add the finishing touches to make it a resurfacing project you can really be proud of! No paving can be complete without a good round of jointing & with the fickle British weather, a good coat of sealer will really bring the patio to life and protect it against the elements.

Jointing Compounds - every single patio area needs a round of jointing to complete it. This is both for aesthetic reasons, as well as for important structural integrity. Primethorpe provide a selection of Polymeric 'brush-in' Mortars which reduce to time to point a patio significantly. It is said that 75%-80% of consumers who try a good brush-in compound never go back to traditional pointing.

Sealers - sealants are not as essential as joiting to a patio, but can really elevate the finish whilst aiding with maintenance. Whilst there are all types of sealer on the market, and many different reasons to chose each one - Primethorpe have streamlined the process for you. We only stock our favourite, best quality sealers so you don't have to worry about which is right for you. We carefully explain what each sealer we stock does, so you can be sure you are getting the right one without any doubts about quality.