Great Value Skip Hire

As part of our endeavours to deliver a first-class service to our customers, we’ve partnered with leading Skip Hire supplier, the Mick George Group.

One of the UK’s leading independent Waste Management operators, we trust them to offer our customers a range of affordable, quick and environmentally responsible solutions for the removal and disposal of your waste.

Like us, the Mick George Group value their customers, so you can guarantee you’re in safe hands.

Booking a Skip is simple and can be done in a matter of seconds online….

Ranging from 2-yard to 16-yard Skip sizes, the Mick George Group offer all Skip configurations, including both open and enclosed designs, to cater for all your DIY and landscaping waste requirements.

General Waste Skips

Whether you're decluttering your home, renovating your property, or managing a large-scale industrial project, our General Waste skips come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. Designed to accommodate a diverse range of materials, these skips are the perfect solution for efficiently handling everyday waste. Choose the size that fits your project and enjoy the ease of disposing of your general waste responsibly and effectively.

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Garden Waste Skips

Tidying up your garden or undertaking a landscaping project generates a lot of green waste, and our Garden Waste skips are here to make the cleanup process a breeze. From grass clippings, leaves, and branches to larger items like old turf and patio slabs, these skips can handle it all. Not just limited to organic materials, our garden waste skips are also equipped to deal with other garden-related debris, ensuring your outdoor space is clear and clutter-free.

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Hardcore Waste Skips

Dealing with construction waste doesn't have to be daunting. Our Hardcore Waste Skips are tailored for disposing of heavy materials such as bricks, rubble, and other construction remnants. These robust skips are an excellent choice for construction sites or major renovation projects, offering a convenient and efficient way to handle the toughest waste materials

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Inert Waste Skips

Our Inert Waste Skips are specifically designed for the disposal of non-biodegradable, earth-based materials. Perfect for construction and landscaping projects, these skips are suitable for materials like bricks, tiles, concrete, and various types of soil. Available in 4 Yard and 6 Yard sizes, they are an ideal choice for projects that involve groundwork and building, providing a straightforward solution for materials that are naturally inert.

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Wood Waste Skips

Perfect for both residential and commercial projects, our Wood Waste Skips are designed to handle all types of wood waste. Whether it's from large-scale landscaping changes, construction projects, or just general wood disposal needs, these skips provide a specialized solution. Ensure your wood waste is disposed of properly and conveniently with our dedicated skips, making your project cleanup as straightforward as possible.

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Skip Hire - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of waste are allowed in a General Waste skip?

General Waste skips are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of waste types, including household clutter, furniture, non-electrical fittings, plastics, and metals. They are ideal for domestic clear-outs as well as commercial waste from offices or retail spaces. However, please avoid placing hazardous materials, electrical items, or chemicals in these skips.

What size skip should I choose for my garden waste disposal?

The size of the skip you'll need for garden waste depends on the scale of your garden project. For smaller clear-outs, like removing grass clippings and leaves, a smaller skip may suffice. For larger projects, including turf removal or disposing of patio slabs and bricks, you might need a larger skip. Assess the volume of waste your project will generate and choose accordingly, or consult with our team for a recommendation.

Are soil and concrete allowed in Inert Waste skips?

Yes, Inert Waste skips are specifically designed for disposing of non-biodegradable, earth-based materials. You can dispose of soil, concrete, bricks, tiles, and ceramics in these skips. They are perfect for construction sites or home renovations that generate inert materials. Remember, these skips are available in 4 Yard and 6 Yard sizes, suitable for different project scales.

What qualifies as Hardcore Waste, and which skip should I use for it?

Hardcore Waste typically includes heavy construction materials such as bricks, rubble, stones, and concrete. Disposing of this waste is straightforward with our Hardcore Waste Skips, designed to handle the weight and nature of such materials. Choose these skips for renovation or construction projects to ensure safe and compliant disposal of your hardcore waste.

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Whether you're revamping your garden, undertaking a construction project, or just clearing out old items, we have the perfect skip for your needs. Choose from our versatile range, including General Waste, Garden Waste, Inert Waste, Hardcore Waste, and Wood Waste Skips, to ensure efficient and responsible waste disposal.

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