How to Order Your Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is sold in full lengths (of either 2m or 4m), so it's important to order your artificial grass in the best way to ensure you don't have too many joints or creases to deal with. 

Unlike paving, you don't want to simply order a square meter amount of grass as the dimensions of your space makes a huge difference.

Why is ordering artificial grass different to ordering paving?

Paving is made up of small pieces, which can be fitted and installed in any way you see fit, so all you need to know is the area. 

Artificial grass however, is supplied in full rolls in specfic widths, so you need to make sure you order your artificial grass in the right way to save yourself cutting the grass and creating lots of joints.


Lets say you ordered 24m2 of artificial turf, this could be supplied in so many different ways:

  • 1x 2m x 12m
  • 1x 4m x 3m
  • 2x 2m x 6m

One is likely to be better suited to your project than the others, so it's important to consider the exact shape you need and order accordingly.

So, how should you order your artificial grass?

  1. First, measure the size of the area you are looking to turf. If there are multiple different areas, treat them individually.
  2. Using the width of your space, decide what combination of roll width you will need. We have 4m or 2m widths. So for example if your space is 6m wide, you will need 1x 4m roll and 1x 2m roll.
  3. Once you know the combo of roll widths you need, you will need to work out the length of each roll individually.
    1. How long do you need the 4m roll to be?
    2. How long does the 2m roll need to be?
  4. Now you've worked this out, head to the the product page. Select the grass blade length you like.
  5. Next, choose the width of the first roll that you need.
  6. In the "Quantity" box, this is where you write the length that you need to roll to be. Fill this out and hit add to basket. 
  7. Repeat step 4-6 for each roll that you need until you've added all required rolls to your basket.
  8. Checkout!