Limestone Paving

Limestone has maintained it's position as a premium stone over the years, increasing tremedously in popularity since the turn of the decade. The delicate colour palettes of limestone mean that a patio area is easy on the eye whilst still adding a splash of colour. 

It is a very good stone to work with. It cuts easily, is resiliant to damages and as a result is an installers dream. If you have awkward space to work with, or want to work with a material that cuts in beautiful straight lines - then limestone is the best choice.

When being quarried, because limestone cuts so well, the surface of the stone is naturally smooth. The stone isn't polished or sawn smooth, it simply splits so naturally that the surface remains relatively smooth after being splilt. There is a light pitting on the surface which means the stone still looks natural, but almost always smoother than it's more commonly used alternative, sandstone. 

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