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Slate Fireplace Hearth | Express Service

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Slate is the most popular fireplace hearth material across the UK. It's versatile, aesthetic and stylish.

The Product: There are so many options to chose from when you go with a slate fireplace hearth. Take a look at the long description below to see exactly what options we have. 

The Sizes: Multiple sizes available. Please look through the dropdown menu.

The Edges: The edges are all a clean cut sawn edge for a contemporary finish. The surface of the slate .

The Thickness: These hearths are all calibrated to 30mm thick. This means they are much easier to lay whilst keeping your area level.

Colour Palette for Black Slate: A consistent shade which can be described as blue-black.

Colour Palette for Grey Slate: A cool grey/silver tone.

Looking for a bespoke solution? It's important to know how much a bespoke service is likely to cost.


Product Description

Our slate is a premium range product available in either a beautiful black/blue shade or a charming grey shade. Both of these option contain very subtle riven markings which appear throughout. These riven markings on the slate only add to the charm.

This listing contains various options, here is a brief guideline to help with your selection:

Slate Type

Slate is a strong, metamorphic rock that consists of layers that have merged together under intense pressure over 1000's of years. As a result the surface of this slate can be riven on the surface where some of the layers have broken away inconsistently, but this only adds to it's charm. Slate is one of the best quality paving stones you can buy, so it is well worth in investment.

Our express service is only available in Brazilian Slate.

Brazilian Slate - This is our best selling slate, imported from Brazil due to its exceptional quality. The material is extremely dense and has a very natural looking riven marking.

Express Hearth Service

We stock a variety of sizes & styles ready for a quick dispatch. These are for those looking for a quick solution, or with a very flexible requirements such as a wood burner that is going to be placed in an open room rather than a fireplace. 

The pieces comes as they are off the shelf without any bespoke amendments being made before being sent out. So if you are working to specifications, you will have to take a look at our bespoke service.

The sizes available and their respective prices can be found in the dropdown at the top of the page.

Edge Types

Our express services have no alterations done to them - they are dispatched exactly as they are when they are picked off the shelf. The edges are clean cut sawn edges so are perfectly straight.

Whilst this means you can receive the piece very quickly, the edges will be unfinished and often imperfect as they wont be worked in to a style. 

The edges of your hearth can be massively improved by adding a bullnose or chamfer - our masons will then finish the edge and clear up any imperfections that may be there initially. They'll work the stone to give you a smooth and stylish finish.

Bespoke Service

If you have time to wait, we have a bespoke service where we can produce a hearth to your exact specifications. Anything from a bespoke size, shape, colour or edge finish we accomodate. Check out all the details here.

Delivery Costs

Delivery is charged depending on postcode, which is why we ask for it to give an accurate price. We can send up to two hearth pieces before incurring a second delivery charge.

If you would like an accurate quote, please email us at - alternatively give the office a call on 01733 810161 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Additional Information

Edge Type Sawn Edges
Material Slate
Size No
Surface Finish Natural Riven
Thickness 30mm Calibrated

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