What Is Stone Cladding?

If you are in the process of completing home improvements on your property, you may be considering ways to complement one or more of your rooms, or the outside of your home. Stone cladding is a great option for this. Traditionally stones cladding was made of natural stones, but some stunning artificial stone cladding options are now available too.

In this blog post we look at stone cladding - also know as stone cladding panels - in more detail, how it works, why you want it and how it could improve the interior and exterior of your home. But let’s start with what stone cladding is.

What is Stone Cladding?

Stone cladding is a thin layer of stone that applied to the interior or exterior of a property. It is used to create a textured appearance to a property. Stone cladding on the outside of a property will give the impression that the building is made entirely of stone. Commonly, stone cladding is used in the garden as a walling solution. It works well to enhance a garden space and outdoor area.

Stone cladding will either be thin pieces of cut stone such as marble or slate, or it will be fabricated sheets that look like a slice of stone wall. To install stone cladding you attach the sheet of stone to the interior or exterior of your building.

There are lots of different looks that can be achieved by the variations of styles. Stone cladding can be made of brick for example, marble and slate are popular options too.

Grey Slate Porcelain Wall Cladding

How and Why You Should Choose Stone Cladding Panels

Here at Primethorpe Paving we feel that stone cladding  isn’t just a great way of improving the look of the outside of your home. There are lots of ways that stone cladding can be used to add visual interest to the interior and exterior of your home too. Fireplaces with stone cladding in and around the fireplace are a popular home improvement too. It means you can have a beautiful stone fireplace, without having to pull the old fireplace out and install a new one. 

There are many advantages that stone cladding has over stone construction. For example, stone cladding allows you to create an exterior that looks like it was built of stone, but with only a fraction of the weight. This means the structure of your home does not need to be built in a certain way to support the weight of the real stone. In fact, stone cladding can often be installed to existing structures without too much concern over the added weight.

When a stone structure is not possible, stone cladding gives you the look and style you want to achieve. You can build a brand-new home with all the modern advancements of insulation and energy conservation, while still creating a home that looks old, quaint and traditional. You also remove the stress and effort of carting full sized stones to your home. Stone cladding has all the same visual benefits, without the hassle.

Building with stone can be extremely expensive. The savings when you opt for stone cladding instead reach beyond just the cost of the materials. You will save on transportation and installation costs too. Our stone cladding options give you the opportunity to have an expensive looking structure without paying a fortune.

Fossil Mint Porcelain Wall Cladding - View More Images

Exterior Stone Wall Cladding from Primethorpe Paving

Our range of outdoor stone cladding has been designed carefully to be installed on the exterior of your home or in your garden. Our stone panels are often used as a way of adding the warmth of traditional stone to homes, new builds, conservatories and renovations. Our stone wall décor is frost proof and water resistant. This makes it a suitable and durable material for outside. Many customers use our stone cladding to protect their building against both loss of heat in the colder winter months and excessive heat in the warmer summer months.

One reason that stone wall cladding on the outside of a home is so popular is because it can’t be missed. Once installed it grabs people’s attention as it is so noticeable. Having wall cladding panels on the front of any home or office will create an impression of elegance, luxury and style.

All ranges of stone cladding we offer are hand made products. Due to the process of the cladding being made each panel looks unique and original. While not being repeated, it works beautifully together to create a uniform but natural look. Our outdoor stone cladding is highly attractive and realistic. It offers out customers endless possibilities for the transformation to the exterior of their properties.

Whether you have rendered walls, concrete walls or brick walls – our stone cladding can be installed by professionals or homeowners with a basic to medium level of DIY skills.

Interior Stone Wall Cladding

There are numerous creative ways that stone cladding can be used in the home. In this blog post we share just some of the most popular areas in the home where stone cladding looks really good. Interior stone cladding can make your home look more stylish than ever and it won’t break the bank.

To add visual appeal to the kitchen or kitchen / diner, some homeowners opt for stone cladding. Warm colour cladding can brighten up the room and add a really positive feel to the space. If you do have a kitchen / diner then why not consider slightly darker stone in that room to separate and blend at the same time? The stone cladding will protect your walls from spillages and moisture damage, but still look stunning.

Stone cladding around the fireplace is another popular option for homeowners. It creates a traditional feel for the home and the fireplace surround. The stone also offers a warm and cosy feel, even when the fire isn’t lit. The stone cladding is extremely hard wearing and fire resistant too. It is also a low maintenance option, so you won’t need to worry about cracks and crevices.

Perhaps the most unlikely place you would expect to see stone cladding in the home, but a popular option, is the stairway. Natural stone cladding on the stairway is a really clever and attractive idea. When it’s done right you can achieve some excellent results. You may choose to mix and match the stone colour options to lighten or darken as you ascend and descend your stairs.

How do you feel when people enter your home? If you are keen to boost those first impressions when people come to your home, why not consider stone cladding? Stone cladding at the entrance of your home will create a more attractive and interesting first impression to your home.

The perfect way to take the bring the outside, inside is with stone cladding in your conservatory or sunroom. The stone will add a natural outdoor feel to your space, while adding warmth and charm to your room. Think about the colours surrounding your home on the external walls and in the garden. Then chose the perfect stone cladding to work in partnership and create a feeling of extending your interior and exterior space.

Dark Grey Porcelain Wall Cladding - View A Modern Option

Manufactured Stone Cladding vs Natural Stone Cladding

Traditionally stone cladding was made from natural stones sourced from mature, but in recent years a number of manufacturers have been creating stunning artificial stone cladding. While many people prefer the real and natural stone cladding, others will happily save money by using artificial stone cladding instead.

Many people opt for natural stone cladding because they want to natural look and appearance. While natural and manufactured cladding can be hard to tell apart, it can be seen if you look closely enough – and know what you are looking for. The main distinction between natural stone and manufactured is the colour. Natural stone has a gentle mix of colours, while manufactured stone doesn’t have quite the same mix of shades that look so natural.

The durability of natural and manufactured stone cladding is different too. Manufactured stone cladding is made from cement-based materials. Its durability will be dependent on the resistance of the stone cladding to chipping and breakage. Meanwhile the natural stone cladding is natural stone. Therefore, its durability is based on the kind of stones used and which sources these stones come from.

The final point to consider when choosing between natural stone cladding and manufactures stone cladding is the cost. Natural stone cladding will cost more because there is a lot of sourcing and cutting involved in creating the natural stone cladding. It is also heavier which can mean shipping costs are higher too. Remember though, your stone cladding will be around for many, many years. It’s important you choose exactly what you want.

Vijaya Stone Cladding - See More Here

Cleaning Your Stone Wall Cladding

It’s important to remember that different stones have different properties. This means that they need to be cleaned in different ways.

For example, sandstone wall cladding should be washed with a sponge and a mild cleaning agent. We would always recommend that you avoid hard brushes or harsh chemicals as these can damage the sandstone cladding.

Meanwhile, limestone cladding quickly absorbs water. This means it can be prone to stains. If you notice any potential spots or stains, we would recommend it is cleaned immediately with a mild and acid-free detergent.

Granite is a popular option for wall cladding too. It can be washed with universal cleaning agents. If you have more prominent impurities, we would recommend cleaning it with extraction gasoline.

Finally, a slate wall cladding should be cleaned using a soft cloth with dishwashing liquid diluted in water. We would recommend you avoid hard brushes as this will reduce the risk is any scratched being caused to the surface.

If you are concerned about the cleaning of your stone cladding contact our team, we will happily recommend the best cleaning products and tools for your stone wall cladding.

Ready to Transform Your Home?

Don't let your home blend in with the rest. Let it stand out with the elegance, luxury and charm of stone cladding. It's time to make the neighbours turn green with envy! Visit our Wall Cladding Collection to explore an extensive range of both natural and artificial stone cladding options. At Primethorpe Paving, we provide unique and quality stone cladding solutions tailored to your home and budget. Don't wait to create the home of your dreams. Browse our collection now and redefine your living space!

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