Collection: Circular Paving Slabs & Paving Circle Kits

An outstanding feature to add to any outdoor design.

These ready-to-install circular patio kits are a feature that will really work to draw your eye to a space. If you have a seating area, or a feature space in your garden, installing a circular patio kit underneath will draw eyes to exactly where you want them to be.

Elevate your space with a stylish circular patio kit.

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There are colour options to suit everyone! No matter the project you are planning, if you want a circular pattern in your space, then you will definitely find something suitable.

FAQs - Stone Patio Circle Kits

What Size Are The Patio Circle Kits?

They all measure 2.85m in diameter. They are made up of one circular keystone in the centre, with 3 concentric rings of paving slabs that will be installed around them.

How Do I Install These Patio Circle Kits?

The groundwork is exactly the same as a regular paving slab. However, it's important that you carefully plan your patio if you are looking to install a circular patio kit.

If it is a stand-alone circle, it will be simple. But if you are planning to cut the circle into a square patio, you will need to measure and cut your regular slabs carefully to ensure you can fit the circle around them.

How Long The Stone Circles Last?

There is no expiration date on stone circles like this! Thin, poorly installed slabs can rock and crack after a couple of years. But good quality, well installed stone can last over 30 years.

Do The Circle Kits Arrive With a "Squaring Kit"?

Squaring, or Squaring-off kits are pre cut slabs that fit around the circle to give you a square to work with rather than a circle.

The difficulty with the squaring kits are they produce off-pattern joints. These can be difficult to fit in with your existing patio laying patterns and force you to either crowbar the square into a patio, or redo your installation altogether! It's a much better result to cut the paving slabs yourself to fit around the circle, to ensure a consistent pattern.