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Sandstone is an excellent choice for a hearth stone. There are several reasons for this, but the key reason sandstone is such a great choice, is due to the fact it is a natural insulator, so it will efficiently help keep your home warm in the winter. It will absorb the heat put out by a fire, before emitting that heat out slowly back into the room. Natural stone hearths are natural radiators, acting as hot stones and keeping the room warm for a longer period of time. Concrete or porcelain tiled hearths do not have the same effect and are therefore less efficient at heating a room. A cold tile simply doesn't have the same effect as a warm stone.

Alternatives exist, such as Slate Hearths, Granite Hearths or our most popular Black Limestone Hearths which are all natural stone and ideal for use as fireplace hearths, but sandstone hearths are ideal in so many scenarios.

Sandstone Hearths

The most popular natural, sandstone hearth is quite easily a grey stone hearth. They are especially popular in traditional-style homes with great roaring fireplaces. Grey stone is a beautiful and classic material that never goes out of style, but the textured surface feels wonderfully traditional and if inserted into a traditional space, really work to tie the whole room together.

No matter what style of home you have, a natural stone hearth is a beautiful and timeless addition. Grey stone hearths are especially well-suited to traditional-style homes, but sandstone hearths are a great choice for any project.

Grey Hearths: Cut-To-Size

These Grey Stone Fireplace Hearths are specially cut from sandstone, which is incredibly durable and resistant to high temperatures - perfect for any fireplace.

Rather than search high and low for the perfect-sized hearth our Cut to Size Hearth service allows you to customise each stone to your exact requirements, ensuring there's no wasted material or labour. What's more, we estimate that each hearth can be delivered as little as seven working days.

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Ready Made Sandstone Hearths

Perfect for creating a traditional atmosphere, these pieces are made from beautiful sandstone and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Whether you’re adding them to an existing fireplace or using them with a modern open fire system, these beautiful stones are sure to deliver that traditional sense of style you’re looking for.

These ready made stone hearths are off-the-shelf sizes, and ready to dispatch next day with no amendments.

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