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Primer Slurries are the perfect solution for patio paving jobs. You can get superior adhesion between foundation and paving slabs, and reduce movement in the slabs. This means that regular maintenance cost will be minimized, saving you time and money down the road.

Our collection of primers are tried-and-tested for providing paving slabs a solid adhesion to different surfaces. Primer Slurries possess excellent waterproofing and effective abrasion resistance properties, making this product an ideal choice when it comes to long term protection of your investment in outdoor patios. Make your installation more reliable with one of our Primer Slurries. You’ll be glad you did.

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Primer Slurries are ground-breaking pavement solutions for home and business owners alike. Our patented solutions allow you to attach your paving slabs more securely than ever before. As a result, the amount of movement in patio slabs can be reduced dramatically when using Primer Slurries products. This not only keeps future maintenance costs down but also helps with longevity as it reduces wear and tear on these surfaces over time.

Primer Slurries products are simply added to the backside of your paving slabs or blocks to ensure better adhesion and stability, even in extreme weather conditions. Its non-toxic formula means it is completely safe for both the environment and those who use it. What's more, its simple application process doesn't require any specialist know-how - ideal for DIY enthusiasts!

If you're looking for a reliable yet cost-effective way to make sure that your paving slabs stay secure despite changing weather conditions, Primer Slurries is the solution you need. Purchase yours today and prepare to be amazed by the results!