Free Delivery

Understanding Our Delivery Costs: Online Vs Offline Ordering

For Online Orders:

When you place an order through our website, the price you see already includes FREE delivery to the UK mainland. It's our way of simplifying the process for you, ensuring a seamless and transparent online shopping experience.

  • Next Day Delivery Option: If you're in a hurry, we offer a Next Day Delivery service. This will be calculated and applied at checkout should you choose this option.

For Offline Orders:

When you choose to order via phone, email, or in person at our store, our quote might list delivery as a separate item. It's not about being less transparent; it’s simply a different method of processing orders, where each component is itemized to allow for a detailed discussion and understanding of your needs.

  • Price Equality Assurance: Whether online or offline, we strive to maintain pricing consistency, ensuring you receive the same value no matter how you prefer to shop with us. The overall cost will likely be very similar, regardless of the method you choose.

Your Choice, Your Comfort:

Whether you opt for the inclusive convenience of online ordering or the detailed approach of offline ordering, we’re here to accommodate your preferences. The choice is yours, and we respect it.

Please note: The inclusion of delivery costs in online prices is exclusive to online orders and can't be altered or removed for offline orders. It’s our commitment to uphold the integrity of our pricing structure, providing you with clear, uncomplicated, and honest pricing, every time.