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Slate fireplace hearths are very decorative, unique, and natural. Other fireplace hearth stones can be consistent and predictable, which has its place in lots of situations; but for those looking for something more unique and natural, then slate hearths are often the best option. They are the perfect, decorative piece for your living space while being amazingly functional.

You can find more information on alternatives such as black limestone which is more consistent, natural sandstone which is very traditional, or honed or polished granite which is a super premium option, on their respective pages.

Brazilian Slate - The World's Best

Our Brazilian slate option is widely considered to be the best slate in the world. It is an amazing addition to any home, and its unique coloring and patterns are sure to add style and sophistication to. Not only this, the unique patterns are accompanied by a naturally smooth surface which is ideal for wood burners to stand on. They are available in two different colours:

  • Brazilian Blue-Black Slate Hearths - A dark, bluish-black slate is the ultimate in interior style. A beautiful dark slate that sits underneath a roaring fire is a real focal point for any space.
  • Brazilian Grey Slate Hearths - A cool, grey slate that helps to calm a space with its relaxing tones. A warm fire and a cool slate complement each other perfectly and you will love the effect it creates.

Slate Hearths: Cut-To-Size

If you are looking to upgrade your home with a beautiful, timeless piece of craftsmanship, then Slate Hearths are ideal.

Whether you’re looking for a single large piece or want something more intricate in two or three parts, there is no limit to what we can do for you. We understand the importance of creating the perfect fit for your fireplace, so let us be the ones to help create a unique, bespoke hearth that was made just for you!

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Ready Made Slate Hearths

For a more time and cost-effective option, we also have pre-made slate hearth tiles. These still offer the same beauty and functionality as our custom-made options, but with less customization possibilities. They will arrive ready to install, but only come in specific sizes - they are perfectly suited where you are installing a free-standing burner or other simpler projects,

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