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Garden steps are a tricky part of any garden project. Bringing different levels of your garden together takes skill and subtlety - otherwise you can accidentally create a big, dangerous eye-sore. This job doesn't need to be made more difficult than it already is by using materials not made for the job.

Sure, you can cut paving slabs to size to look like step. But why bother - grab yourself pre-fabricated ready made stone steps, with ready-made bullnosed front lips that are delivered ready to install and save yourself the headache. It will be worth every penny!

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Garden steps can be a tricky part of an installation - especially if you want them done to a professional standard. One option for creating steps is to simply cut them out of excess paving slabs, but this is a complicated process that can be rife with issues.

Take the pain out of cutting in your steps by hand. Choose one of our 30mm thick, hard-wearing ready made garden & patio steps with a pre-rounded front edge and save yourself any trouble that can come with trying to create steps any other way.