What Is The Best Way to Design Your Garden Paving?

A good garden slab patio design can transform your outdoor living space. It makes your garden more visually appealing but also adds a personal touch to your garden to suit your taste and personality. When you get your patio area right, it’s like adding an extra room to your home.

To choose the best garden patio ideas for your home, you need to think about the size and shape of the patio area. There are lots of different ways that you can create a beautiful outdoor area that suits your needs perfectly.

However, the first thing you need to do is think about what you want from your patio. Then you can look at the garden patio slab designs that will incorporate the aesthetic and practical elements you want to achieve from your outdoor patio area. Whether you have a huge patio area planned, or something smaller and more intimate, we can help you choose the right garden paving slabs to suit your tastes, garden, home and budget.

Here are just some of our favourite patio designs to inspire you to start your outdoor patio project:

Eye-Catching Patterned Patio Designs

If you are looking to indulge in your creative flair, this can definitely be done with an outdoor patio area. You can use attractive planting and some stylish furniture, along with patterned garden patio slabs. Just make sure that the three work in harmony. We recommend that you start with your garden paving slabs to set the scene for the plants and furniture.

To create a really distinctive look patterned garden paving slabs will work really well. They can be used in order to create a uniformed look or change the direction of the garden paving stone patterns to really add a uniquely distinct feel. Take your time to check out our patterned garden flagstones so you can get a real sense of the materials, styles and patterns on the market. This will help you create a beautiful and eye-catching foundation for your outdoor space.

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A Personalised Patio Design

One of the most important things about personalising your home or garden, is to make it an extension and reflection of who you are. The colours, styles and materials you choose should echo your unique personality and style. Never be afraid to add a bit of ‘you’ to your garden area.

Our circular garden patio kits create a really spectacular circular garden patio area that really stands out. It breaks up the conformity of traditional garden pavement and offers a really unique finish. The colours of garden pavers you choose will add to the look, feel and personality of your patio area. This will really personalise the space and make it perfect for you and your family.

By adding quirky touches such as funky planters, trendy garden slabs or stylish furniture will reflect your personality. This will make the outdoor space feel even more in turn with you and your family, and your way of living.

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Go Natural With Your Patio Design

Natural materials and natural stone garden tiles are really popular patio designs in the UK. Many homeowners love the look and feel of a more organic landscape and that’s where natural stone outdoor flagstones can work so well. Our natural stone outdoor pavers are available in a range of different sizes, styles and materials such as Indian sandstone, slate & limestone.

Natural Indian sandstone outdoor slabs offer shades and colours that bring a lovely warm and sunny feel to your outdoor patio area. Meanwhile, slate and granite outdoor paving tiles offer a harsher and more modern look to your outdoor paved garden area.

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Stand Out With Bold Stone Patio Designs

If you want to attempt something really remarkable, sometimes you have to be brave and bold. This is especially the case when you have a large patio area to work with. You can use some really nice strong and bold garden tiles to create a stunning garden patio design that really stands out. Deep charcoal natural stone garden patio slabs offer a really striking look for your garden, especially when matched with lighter natural stone garden paving slabs.

Make sure you are careful when you go bold though. If you are using a prominent colour throughout your garden flagstones, don’t go overboard with other areas of your design. Be clean with your patio edging ideas and stay consistent to the materials or colours of the outdoor pavers. Use lighting, plants and furniture to complement to patio space and the outdoor paving tiles. This will help you create exactly the right ambience and feel for your outdoor patio.

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Use Steps To Take Your Patio Design To The Next Level

If you are looking to literally take your patio design to the next level, why not introduce steps into your outdoor patio area? By using steps into your patio design, you will gain both aesthetic and practical benefits for your outdoor paver areas. Garden tile steps will add character and flair to any outdoor space. They also provide a practical split between levels and an impressive passage between your home and the patio area. Garden patio steps can also provide protection for your garden. This is ideal for surrounding grassy areas or beautiful flower beds.

We recommend natural stone garden patio slabs with a riven texture to add a touch of handcrafted elegance to your garden. Choosing the golden, orange, bronze and creamier colours of the natural stone garden paving stones adds a warm feel to your garden. Meanwhile, slate garden flagstones offer a more striking and contemporary garden to the patio steps and they will really stand out.

Regardless of the style you prefer, steps really will take your paved outdoor area to the next level, creating a new dynamic and feel to your home and garden.

Stunning Circular Patio Designs

If you have space to play with, then we recommend you consider a stunning circular patio design. A rounded outdoor patio area delivers a gorgeous focal point for your garden. The circular layout of the patio creates a really natural looking centrepiece, which is only added to with natural stone garden patio tiles. A circular patio design is the perfect paved area for a barbeque area, firepit or curved rattan garden furniture. A rounded table would blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of the garden with a circular patio area.

Indian sandstone circle garden pavers work really well and offer great value too. The natural stone circular garden pavement will give your garden that natural wow factor. Matched with straight lined garden slabs, they will create a beautiful contract frame to the circular design of the other garden tiles. An outdoor circular patio design really helps your patio and garden stand out from the crowd.

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Less Is More For Smaller Patio Areas

If you have a smaller garden, you need to remember the rule that less is more. Even if you have a small garden you can still create a beautiful outdoor patio. Larger outdoor flagstones will make a small patio area look smaller. Instead, we recommend smaller outdoor pavers to trick the eye into seeing a larger patio area in a larger garden. Using a mix of different sized outdoor slabs also offer an extra sense of space in your garden. It’s an interesting and unique design concept too.

When it comes to what is going on with your patio, select the right style and size of furniture, planters and plants to match the size of your patio too. Smaller planters and adaptable corner furniture will allow you to make the most of the space you have, no matter how small the outdoor paved area is.

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Why Not Try A Hybrid Patio Design?

If you’ve read through these patio design ideas and more than one design has stood out, why not mix them both? Combining a couple of different design ideas can give you the best of both words and result in a patio that is a personalised patchwork of your taste, personality and style.

You can have a circular patio design with circular outdoor paving styles as the focal point, can work really well with multi-level garden tiles taking you to eye-catching patterned garden patio slabs. We have a huge range of garden paving slabs for you to choose from. There is a wide range of garden paving stone materials, shapes and sizes so you can create the perfect garden patio area for your home.

Garden Slab Patio Design Overview

Investing your time and money is a beautiful patio design can give your garden that long-lasting beauty and quality. Think of the countless hours you will spend enjoying your garden and patio area. If you need help choosing the right outdoor patio design, then speak to our team. We will be happy to offer any advice or guidance to help you create the perfect patio for your home.

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