Limestone Hearths

Our most popular choice. We have sold 100’s of black limestone fireplace hearths because they are simple, stylish and effective. The consistent shades of black within limestone means they are perfect at creating a warm feeling fireplace. These are less expensive that our premium materials but are perfect for those on a budget. The stone may have some slight imperfections in the surface such as the odd white mark, but the savings more than make up for it.

Limestone Hearths

Express Hearths

  • Off-the-Shelf Size
  • Choice of 4 Material
  • Quick Online Ordering
  • Quick Delivery Time (3-4 Working Days)
  • Sealing Service Available On Request (+1 Working Day)
  • No Bespoke Service
  • Rectangular Shape Only
  • Square Edge Only
Limestone Hearths

Bespoke Hearths

  • Cut-to-Specification Pieces
  • Choice of 4 Materials
  • Bespoke Ordering – Please Contact Us!
  • Sealing Service Available on Request
  • Wide Range of Shapes Available
  • Custom Edge Finish (4 Styles)
  • 7 Working Day Turnaround.