Social distancing procedures are in place on-site, however as we have an outdoor display we will not be enforcing a mask policy for visitors.
Please call before visiting if you have any concerns - 01733 810161

About us

About Primethorpe Paving | UK Based Nationwide Paving Supplier

Primethorpe Paving is a family company who prides itself offering the best customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.

We have been supplying natural stone to our local area for over 15 years and decided to expand nationally around 2011. During these years, we’ve acquired a huge deal of knowledge of our products, so we will be able to guide you through each stage of your order with ease. We guarantee to offer a friendly, personal service and will always go that extra mile to assist you in the best way we can.

Everything is done in-house by a member of our small team. The phone is answered, the orders are picked and the website is designed all by a family member – and we make it our goal to make sure every customer leaves happy with their end product.



Our Products

Our products are not the cheap, end-of-line stone that is so often picked up by our competitors – we have strict ethics on quality which means we only purchase the very best materials at source in order to maintain the highest quality possible. With so many poor quality pavers on the market, we want to do our bit to guarantee that everyone can have a great product by ordering through us.

Primethorpe Paving are a reliable and trustworthy family company who provide the highest quality garden paving across the entire UK.
We supply weatherproof stone paving and patio extras nationwide and strive to never be beaten on quality. Our stone can be used as garden paving to be a great focal point for any garden. We also stock stone that is great for interior use to create anything from a traditional, antique look to a contemporary, modern feel.

Sandstone, Limestone, Slate & Granite as well as outdoor porecelain are available in a number of colour ranges. Please visit our website for a look at all our product details.
All our Products are ethically source and unlike other suppliers who risk purchasing from opening auction we only purchase direct from quarries. On average our yard contains over 15,000m2 of stock at any one time. Within our stock we have a range of 20 different colours with either Sawn, Hand-dressed or Tumbled edges in either 22mm calibrated thickness or 25mm-35mm natural thickness.
The saying “you get what you pay for” is very applicable when it comes to purchasing natural stone material, in our years of experience when a price from other suppliers seems too good to be true there will usually be a catch somewhere and that catch is usually one or more of the below:
Size - notable being irregular sizes for example 56cm x 84cm, 56cm x28cm these have no common multiple and therefore will be very difficult to create a pattern and will result in a lot of cutting, they are known as 56 series.

Colours - With the stone being natural, colour variation will be present however poor quality paving will have very extreme colour difference like dark slabs in with light mint colours. On the other hand, there may hardly any colour difference within the slabs – for example just a single shade of brown within the autumn brown range. This means you miss out on the charm of natural stone. We strive to achieve a beautiful colour pallet within each range.

Thickness - most advertise at 20mm - 30mm but will have a plus or minus 5mm in there terms meaning that when the goods arrive at mostly 15mm they will not replace unless you pay the return postage and 15mm is really too thin for patio usage.

Surface Finish - Cheap paving will most definitely have a poor surface quality very riven or flaky.

Hidden Costs - A lot of suppliers advertise a cheap square meter price of say £10.50 per m2 but only if you buy a whole full box which means you ultimately end up paying for stone you don’t want. The £10.50 is often only 5% of the price and the amount you have paid will have to be multiplied buy 20. Delivery costs are often will be extremely high with suppliers making a margin on the delivery as well which ultimately ends up giving a total m2 price of nearer £20 per square meter for an inferior product. Don't be fooled by the sight of what looks like a great price. Make sure you check thoroughly – tons of paving are very difficult to return!

Operating from Off-site Premises - We have all our goods brought back to our Peterborough Yard, where we can check all our goods before removing any damages, a lot of suppliers now operate from a port warehouse to save the costs for delivering to their yards. Although this reduces the overall cost of the material it then leaves the stock to be loaded by third parties who have no experience in stone quality and who will NOT remove damages slabs before dispatch.
Delegating Delivery - Other companies hand off their entire logistics process to a 3rd party. Leaving it down to the shipping company to arrange the delivery slot themselves. We belive the less time the goods are in the hands of a courier, the better. They should not be left to arrange delivery themselves, as you want to make sure you are getting your goods delivery on the day you want, where you want and by leaving a courier to arrange this themselves, they rarely have your best interst in mind.
We also have our own crane off-load lorries which we proritise where we can. We can currently only opt for this when you are with an hour or so from our Peterborough depot, but it means a careless courier will never touch your goods and you won't have ANY issues.


So, what if I want to view the range of paving you have?

You are more than welcome to visit our yard and view our display area. We have an area showcasing over 50 different ranges of slabs so you can pick out exactly the slabs you like. However, appointments need to be made due to the loading of large lorries and the safety measures involved. We are available for viewings from Monday to Friday and most Saturday mornings.

Company Registration

Registered Name: Primethorpe Paving
Place of Registration: 27 Market Place, Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8EA
Registered Office: The Nook, Glebe Avenue, Orton Waterville, Peterborough, PE2 5EN
Registered Number: 03843267