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Sandstone coping stones are a great way to add character and style to your home. The sandstone copings are available in both Raj Green and Kandla Grey and are produced with either a bullnosed edge finish or natural hand dressed edge. Sandstone Coping Stones are a durable and long lasting option for your home.

They are a perfect choice for those looking to stick with traditional materials and create an outdoor space that is very well suited to a classic or traditional style home.

Sandstone coping stones are very versatile. When used outdoors, sandstone coping stones can help to create a stunning feature in your garden or on your patio. Indoors, sandstone coping stones can make a great addition to any room, particularly when used as rustic windowsills or ledges.

Looking for more of a standout feature? Check our our Black Coping Stones which are a striking option for a contemporary space.

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Sandstone is an amazing way to finish up a wall. By opting for something more impactful, you can that final touch of personality into your space.

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