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Primethorpe slate is available in an array of colours and textures. We import only the best quality slate from around the world, so you can rest assured that the quality is top of the tree. It's a premium quality stone and stands up to the test of the British elements - it maintains it's colour and sheen for years longer than a more delicate stone.

Slate has been utilised as construction material throughout the years not just because of work-ability, but because of beauty.

We've written an article comparing the 3 most popular types of slate, their price points and the kind of projects they are suitable for:

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Functional and beautiful natural stone that will elevate any outdoor space to something breathtaking. Choose slate for something unique & special:

FAQ's - Slate Paving Slabs

Is Slate A Good Choice For Paving?

Absolutely. Slate is a bold and beautiful choice that transforms your garden into something unique and breathtaking.

Your space will be unlike almost anyone else's.

Add to this, the fact that slate is robust, strong and consistent, you're on to a real winner.

Is Slate Paving Slippery When Wet?

No. The natural properties of slate make sure that the rain does not affect your grip underfoot.

However, as it is a stone that is formed in whole layers or sheets, when the frost comes it's important to know slipperiness can be a problem. It's advisable to salt your slate paving, or just take extra precautions when frost is predicted.

Does Slate Paving Get Hot In Summer?

It can, yes. Due to it's geological makeup, it can absorb heat. However, it will never get hot enough to burn anything! Your pets and kids will notice a bit of warmth underfoot but nothing dangerous.

Just wear shoes outdoors as normal and you won't notice any difference at all.

How Thick Should Slate Paving Be?

All paving should aim to be 20mm thick or more in order to stand up to the British seasons. But this is especially important with slate.

Slate is a paving formed in layers which means that the thicker the slab, the more layers of paving, therefore the stronger the slab. If your paving doesn't have enough layers, it's likely you will see it fail in a few years.