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Introducing Patio Sealers, the perfect way to protect your outdoor space and keep your patio safe from the elements. Our products are easy to apply and come in various forms to suit every budget and preference.

Choose one of our water based sealers for a relatively cheap, temporary solution that provides effective protection against damp, staining and fading due to UV light; or go for a solvent based sealer if you need something tougher that will last much longer.

Whatever type of patio sealer you choose, our carefully curated collection of sealing options are all unbeatable in their quality and durability for their price bracket. Keep your outdoor space looking better for longer with this trusted product from a reliable name.

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Protect your patio from staining and fading with one of our specially selected patio sealers. There are different sealers suited for different purposes, so make sure you take a look through all the options we have put together to make sure you get the best possible option for you.

There are colour enhancing options which bring out the colour of your slabs, and there are also invisible options that protect your slabs without changing the colour of the stone itself. The choice is yours.