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Many homeowners see their driveways as a place to park the car. However, it is so much more than just somewhere you park your car. A driveway is the focal point of your home. It gives your home that kerb appeal. 

The driveway is often at the front of your home and is the first thing that anyone sees when arriving at your home. No longer is your driveway somewhere to park the car, it’s now the first impression to friends and family that visit your home.

A great driveway design can ensure that your home looks it’s best. Here at Primethorpe Paving we want you to maximise your kerb appeal and make sure your home really stands out from your neighbours. This is why we share some inspirational driveway ideas for your home in this blog post.

 It’s important to note that the most inspirational driveway ideas will be the ones that make the best possible use of the size, shape and space available. A well-designed driveway will look fantastic, while being robust, functional and resilient.

Whether you live in a small home or on a large estate, there are lots of ways you can create a stylish driveway that will boost your kerb appeal and the value of your home. Check out our inspiration driveway ideas for your home and see which suits your home, personality and family the best.

Add Style with A Striking Sett Driveway

Granite setts are the ultimate driveway paving product when you’re looking for a contemporary driveway design. Granite setts look fabulous and offer a modern and elegant touch of class to the front of your property. Your granite sett driveway will give your home a slick look that will make you the envy of all your neighbours.

Create the Antique Style Driveway With Cobbles

Whether you are looking to create an antique driveway style or something more traditional, cobbled stones will give you some inspirational driveway ideas for your home. A cobble stone driveway will enhance the period feel of an older home. You can lay cobble stones in a diagonal line or have them curving beautifully around the corners of your home. If you are looking for an attractive and unique driveway design that suits your period home, you can’t go wrong with a cobble stone driveway, especially the grey driveway cobbles that are always really popular. 

That Natural Stone Look

If you prefer to use natural materials, then you may want to consider a natural stone driveway for your home. Natural stone looks fantastic and lasts the test of time. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of colours to suit your home and personality. One of the great things about a natural stone driveway is that you can mix and match the colours of the stones to create something truly unique to you. No matter what natural stone paving you choose for your driveway, natural stone is guaranteed to bring a welcome feel and premium look to your home. 

Stand Out with A Stylish Stone Driveway

In the paving world concrete and tarmac are the dominators of the market. If you really want your driveway to stand out, why not opt for a stone driveway? Stone has been used for paths and walkways for years and is proven to last the test of time. So why not have a stone driveway that adds a touch of class to the front of your home and its surroundings? A stone driveway adds a sophisticated and hard-wearing finish to your home, making even the most modest of homes seem more majestic.

An Overview of Inspirational Driveway Ideas For Your Home

When choosing the right driveway for your home, it’s important to keep sustainability in mind. Practical paving is beautiful paving. You need permeable paving stones that will help drain water away and remove the risk of ugly pooling. This will make sure that your driveway stays in great shape and condition for years to come.

You need to think about your new driveway carefully. It’s something that you will see as you return home for years to come. Your driveway also plays a huge part in your kerb appeal as well as the value of your property. Take the time to think about how you want your driveway to look and what materials, colours and styles are best for your home

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