How To Choose The Coloured Paving Slabs For Your Garden

Deciding the coloured paving slabs, you want for your garden, will often be based on the choice of paving slab material you choose. Each paving slab material is available in different colours, shades and patterns. When you are designing a space, there is normally one material that will suit the space more than the others, we wrote a full article on each type of paving slab here. But here is a short summary:

  • Indian Sandstone Paving - Balanced slab, suitable for both traditional or modern spaces depending on how they are used.
  • Limestone Paving - Very similar to sandstone, but possibly slightly more suited to a modern space as they are smoother.
  • Slate Paving - Dark slate stone is well suited to a modern space, but rough slate can be used in a traditional space with a bit of care.
  • Porcelain Paving - Ideal for modern spaces.


But what if the colour of your patio is more important than the choice of material?

However, the material might not be all that important to you. Some projects, it doesn't really matter about the specifics of a material, it's just all about the colour. It’s important to choose a colour that works will with not only your garden, but your home too. So if you are like a lot of our customers, the colour is going to be the thing you put the most thought into.

The first thing to consider when choosing coloured paving slabs for your home, is if you want them to match or blend with your existing brickwork, or to create a contrast to what you already have. It's even an option to opt for more than one colour of paving slabs for your garden to create something unique within your paved area. Something like an earthy coloured paving slabbed area, surrounded by dark coloured paving slabs can create a stunning finish for example.


A Traditional vs Rustic garden is normally the main decision

Creating A Traditional Garden Space:

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to coloured pavers. If you’re looking for the more traditional feel to your garden, it's popular to opt for rustic, buff, or earthy colours as these are commonly what are found throughout natural. Traditional spaces are natural spaces that don't draw the eye. They tend to act as a "whole" space, designed to be taken in as one large piece of "art". Your choice of coloured patio slabs can help contribute to this effect by opting for slabs that blend a few different shades through them. This helps the space have more cohesion, creating a more natural finish.


Creating a Modern Garden Space:

However, if you want a more modern and stylish finish to the most popular way to achieve this is to choose stylish shades of grey and darker coloured paving slabs. The darker colours help to create contrasts, as well as highlighting any different colours that have been used in the space, drawing the eye to individual elements. This act of create lots of individual elements, or "features", is key in creating a modern space, and choosing dark, or grey coloured stones only makes this an easier task.

Final Thoughts - Which colour stone should you opt for?

Our natural stone coloured paving slabs are available in a wide range of colours. Whether you are looking for neutral creams and grey tones of coloured pavers, or you’d prefer earthy coloured pavers, we have the coloured paving stones you are looking for.

The great thing about our natural stone pavers, in all colours, is that they will last the test of time. Our natural stone is well-suited to the British climate and can withstand any elements or weather. It is a robust and long-lasting paving option. It offers extra grip underfoot and is frost-resistant too. If you’re looking for a coloured paved area in your garden that will look it’s best all year round, our coloured paving slabs are for you.

Have a look at our blog posts, pop in store, check our range online or look at design websites like Houzz. These will give you loads of inspiration and help you choose the right coloured pavers for your garden or outdoor area. We can even provide you with samples so you can get an idea of what the coloured paving will look like against the exterior of your home.

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