Patio Advice: The Importance Of Garden Edging

Garden bedding can be fun to plant and tend to. When done right they look beautiful too, really adding to the look and feel of your garden. However, once the unwanted plants invade your garden edging. The battle begins. The best line of defence against these unwanted plants are garden edging products.

Garden edging stones, for example, help protect those plants you have planned, purchased or cared for from seeds. The plants you have watered, spent hours looking after and nurturing can be protected from blades of grass and other lawn weeds with the help of garden edging stones. Along with garden edging tiles, they can be the perfect thing to block those invaders from running your garden beds.

By creating a distinct border around your beds or garden with path edging you discourage lawn grass and creeping weeds from encroaching on areas of your garden that they’re not welcome. While you can install garden border stones or patio edging at any time, we recommend you do it when the garden isn’t in full bloom. Aim for the early spring or later on into the autumn months.

Black Limestone Paving

Uses For Garden Edging

Garden edging products create clean and crisp lines between flower beds and other areas in your garden. Your garden edging stones will often be most visible between the lawn and an adjoining garden. However, garden edging tiles can define a flower bed, a shrub bed or a single tree. Path edging also works at creating a transition from the patio to the surrounding garden. The right patio edging can emphasise the lines of flower beds and lead the eye to the next focal point in the garden.

Looking at garden edging from a practical point of view helps to keep your grass from creeping into surrounding areas of the garden. Garden border stones will also prevent soil or mulch from the flower beds spilling onto your lawn after heavy rainfalls or windy weather.

Using garden edging stones helps to maintain walkways that are clearly defined while keeping the path materials in place. Many gardeners use garden edging products to keep visitors out of areas where you don’t want them to go, like vegetable patches or planting beds for example.

Using garden edging tiles to create a wide garden edging is a great solution for practical mowing. You can create a mowing strip with path edging. This then eliminates the need to trim the edges for manicuring the garden. It will also stop you from accidentally mowing over tender plants in beds around the edge of your lawn.

Kandla Grey Cobbled Edging

Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbled Edging

The Benefits Of Garden Edging

Garden edging comes in a variety of materials, designs, heights, widths, styles and colours. Each garden edging has a similar purpose, meaning that garden edging can offer your home multiple benefits. While some homeowners will use garden edging solely for separating their beds from the lawn, there are many other functional and aesthetic benefits to your garden too.

  • Defining The Space

Garden edging products help define the garden space and mark it off from the rest of the outdoor space. These garden edging stones can be used to create straight or curved borders throughout your garden area. For more extravagant designs with garden edging stones, we recommend you install the border when you create a new garden landscape. Then, use this as your base for the plants, grass and bedding. With the right garden edging tiles, you can create beautiful and distinct areas in your garden and break up the space in a stunning way.

Black Limestone Paving with Silver Grey Granite Cobbles

Black Limestone Paving Slabs with a Granite Border

  • Containing The Garden

The path edging can be used to keep all of the components of your garden where they belong. This works really well when the border is installed properly to extend both above and below the soil line. The part of the garden edging that is underneath the ground stops the roots from growing outside the bed. Meanwhile, the garden edging above ground keeps soil and mulch from washing or blowing across the lawn during gardening or bad weather. With the right garden border stones, you can keep the plants healthy and your gardening bed looking great.

  • Good Garden Maintenance

By using patio edging as a border along your planting bed, it will make your garden maintenance easier. You’ll have a solid border to edge weeds or mow grass along. It will also mean that the plants inside the border will be less at risk of damage from weeding or mowing as the edging is there to protect them. The patio edging also makes it easier to control the irrigation, fertilisation and chemical applications in the planting bed or on the lawn.

Black Limestone + Black Cobbles - SS Home x 2

Black Limestone Cobbled Edgings

  • Overall Appearance

A good bed border will clean up the lines in your garden and make it look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There are lots of different garden edging products available, each offering a different overall appearance and finish to your garden. Garden edging stones in neutral colours allow the colours of the plants and flowers to pop for example. However, a more minimalistic garden could suit black and white garden edging tiles. Using hard and straight lines of path edging, matched with plants of a softer texture creates a really nice contrast appearance in your garden too.

Kandla Grey Cobbled Edgings

Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbled Edging

The Importance of Garden Edging Overview

The kind of garden edging products you chose is important to establish your garden and landscaped areas the way you want them to look. The right garden edging stones can add an ornamental look to your garden. Meanwhile, garden edging tiles can act as a border for an entire space. You can even use garden border stones to add edges for separate spots in your garden as a way of containing separate growing areas.

When looking for the right garden edging for your home, work with an edging that is easy to prepare and install. If you’re not sure of the best garden edging products for your garden, give our experts a call. We can help you get the right edging in the right places to really enhance your outdoor space.

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