How To Choose Swimming Pool Copings That Will Last for 10+ Years

The perfect coping offers the ideal way to frame your swimming pool as well as providing heaps of functional benefits. Whether you choose the traditional natural stone, beautiful porcelain stone or something slightly different, we have a wide range of swimming pool coping stones to suit your needs, style and budget. Our high-quality swimming pool coping stones suit any style or taste.

 The dream for many homeowners is to have a beautiful pool in the back garden. However, where you have inherited one or are looking to have one built – there are a few things that you need to think about. One of these things are the swimming pool coping stones. The type of stones surrounding your pool area will make or break the style of your pool and the garden. It’s essential get these stones right and that is why we have created this guide for you.

Wall Coping Stones around your swimming pool are a functional part of your pool. However, there is no reason that these functional stones can’t be used to create something that looks truly unique and special for your home. The pool tiles frame the swimming pool area. Just like the right frame for a beautiful painting adds to the beauty of the painting; the tiles framing the pool do the same thing for the beauty of your swimming pool.

Whether you are updating an existing pool or planning a new swimming pool for your home, this is the perfect guide to swimming pool coping stones. This guide will tell you all you need to know to help your swimming pool project go swimmingly! We hope our words of advice and guidance will support you with the options available and the right stones for your swimming pool.

Porcelain Swimming Pool Copings Stones vs Natural Stone Coping Stones


Maintenance is an important part of choosing which coping stones are best for you. The higher the porosity levels of the stone, the more maintenance required. Natural stone coping stones are available in different types and each type is a different porosity. If you are concerned about maintenance, opt for a natural stone that offers the least porosity such as Black Limestone. Porcelain coping stones are very non-porous and won’t need to be sealed to maintain their appearance. You will also find porcelain is scratch-resistant so sun loungers and garden furniture around the pool area shouldn’t scratch the surface.


If you are watching your budget for the framing of your pool, then porcelain may be the best option for you. It’s made from sand, clay and other materials in a simple process that allows many tiles to be made at once. Natural stone however needs to be sourced, cut and then smoothed down before being made to the right size coping stones. It can seem quite costly when compared to porcelain but that’s because a lot of time and effort goes into the creation of natural stone coping stones.


Porcelain is much more resilient to changing weather conditions so if you do live in a harsh weather environment, porcelain is best for you. Natural stone is incredibly durable, but when compared to porcelain, there is only one real winner. If you live in a fairly mild climate area or your coping stones are protected or covered, then our stunning natural stone coping could still be ideal for you.


If you’re looking for a more modern feel to your garden and pool area, then we would suggest porcelain coping stones for you. Porcelain offers a stylish and contemporary feel. However, natural stone has a more unique and natural feel to it. No two stones are the same and each part of your coping stone will its own pattern and natural design. Natural stone works well for both modern and traditional styles, depending on the type of natural stone you choose.

On Trend Pool Stone Designs

We all know that fashions change and trends come and go. Looking at your wardrobe and old photos, you can see how quickly some trends and fashions change. While trends change for swimming pools, the changes are not quite so quick. While the 1980’s and 1990’s saw the trend of the kidney shaped swimming pool, this style can now seem quite tired and dated.

If you have a kidney-shaped pool that you are looking to update you may find the thought quite daunting. However, with the right professionals onside, it won’t be too much trouble at all. Bespoke cut radius paving makes it possible to upgrade the shape and design of your swimming pool. Updating the style of your existing pool isn’t as hard as you think and can help align your home with the latest trends and fashions.

Framing Your Swimming Pool

You need to think of the swimming pool coping as the frame of your pool, not just the functional part of your pool. You need to choose the right profile for your coping so it will suit the pool, your garden and your home. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as the choice of pool coping can feel endless. You really will be spoilt for choice with so many options and styles available.

The most popular pool coping tends to be full bullnose in either porcelain or stone; both are very on-trend and look stylish. We would recommend that you choose your swimming pool coping stone before you choose your paving. This is because it’s easier to find paving that complements your coping stone, than the other way around.

We say paving that complements, as opposed to matches because it doesn’t need to match. Some homeowners opt for paving which is the complete contrast of the coping stone. This can work really well if you’re looking to create a focal point or something that really stands out from the rest of the garden. Meanwhile, other homeowners choose to match the paving to the coping stones. In turn, this then matches the rest of the garden landscape, layout and style from the pool, right through to the steps, paths and patio dining area.

How To Refresh An Existing Pool With Coping Stones

The old pre-cast copings around the pool edge are old and outdated. However, the same finish can be created with swimming pool copings that creates a seamless frame for your swimming pool, no matter the shape or size. Using the same find throughout your pool area will create a look and feel or luxurious space, no matter the size or your pool or pool area.

Using matching or complementary porcelain or natural stone for a pool surround or terrace is a really popular solution to refresh an existing pool. It’s way of expanding the pool surround that ties in beautifully with the coping and pool edge that you have chosen previously. Think about if you want your pool to blend in or stand out. If you want the pool to blend in with the landscape of your garden, opt for paving that matches the coping. However, if you want a pool that stands out and becomes the vocal point, why not opt for paving that makes the pool coping stones pop?

Updating your pool lining is another great way of refreshing your existing pool. Moving from small pool mosaics to modern and large format porcelain tiles that match your coping stones creates a clean, fresh and sleek look for your pool. Matching your pool lining tiles to the coping stones is very on-trend at the moment and looks really stylish.

If you are looking to blend the existing pool into the rest of the garden, then look at the paving used throughout your garden. What does your wall capping, paths and garden steps look like? Try and match the natural stone or porcelain coping to the existing paving to create the perfect calming oasis in your garden. Again, if you’re looking for that ‘WOW’ factor, then use the opposite coping stones to the paving throughout your garden.

Pool Inspiration

If you’re looking to revamp an existing pool or are ready to take the plunge and create a fabulous new swimming pool in your home or garden – get inspired. There isn’t much worse than quickly choosing how you want to surround and frame your pool, then weeks later seeing something you really wanted. We have loads of pool ideas and inspiration online for you. You can contact our team directly for photos of our other customers pool. Take a look across the internet and on social media platforms too. Send us photos of what you like, and we can recommend the best swimming pool coping stones for you and your swimming pool goals.

Take The Pressure Of Your Pool Project

If you’re completely unsure what you’re looking for, we can help you create the swimming pool dream in your mind. However, if you have a rough idea or the perfect completed dream – we can help with that too. We have a vast selection of swimming pool coping stones for you to choose from. If you find the choices overwhelming, just drop us a line.

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