Introducing Minimalism Into Your Outdoor Space

Our gardens serve as a place of sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With the right garden design to suit you and your family, your garden can be the ultimate place for your wind down and escape from your work week of worries and stresses.

As we all know, everyone has different tastes. We all like different things and places to relax and there are different garden styles to suit different tastes.

In this blog post we look at the minimalist garden and how to introduce minimalism into your outdoor space.

What Is a Minimalist Garden?

While minimalism is fast becoming a popular and influential style in gardens, there is still some uncertainty around what a minimalist garden is. There is a common misconception that a minimalist garden is characterised as an absence of design, but this is not the case.

Minimalist garden design is characterised by:

  • simplicity of design
  • elegance of garden arrangements
  • choice of contemporary garden furniture
  • subtle introduction of modern lighting
  • Use of materials for paving & pathways

By introducing minimalism into your outdoor space you are exploring how much can be stripped away from a space without sacrificing the purpose and identity of your garden.

Minimalist Garden Design Ideas

What Materials Work Best In A Minimalist Garden?

Firstly you need to choose the right materials to create a minimalist outdoor space. Things like rocks, gravel and paving work really well. This is because they are often neutral in colour and make a great flooring choice when forming your new minimalist garden space. 

Grass can also be a really good surface material for your minimalist garden area. As with rocks, gravel and paving, grass is a neutral base and it combines well with other natural materials you might want to introduce into your garden; materials like stone and wood.

When creating your minimalist garden landscape, aim for a simple and elegant design. By using the materials we have mentioned you can create a sweeping look across your garden. This sweeping effect is proven to be very soothing to the eye.

What Makes A Minimalist Garden Unique?

Unlike other garden designs, a minimalist outdoor area will need a focal point. We would recommend that you opt for just one feature area of interest:

  • mesmerising water feature
  • show stopping statue
  • eye-catching potted plant

If you are looking to create a new look in your outdoor space that is totally on trend, then you should definitely be considering minimalist garden landscape.

In Conclusion: Is Minimalist Garden Design Suitable for My Needs?

Minimalist garden design is a fantastic option. Especially if you are looking to create something which feels modern and is perfect for entertaining. Entertaining spaces are big, open and comfortable without too much clutter. People need space to mingle and not feel as though they are getting in the way of anything - so for this reason, minimalist gardens are perfect.

Regardless of purpose, a minimalist garden is a perfect option for many. It is often the lowest in terms of maintenance and can act as a calm, mindful space away from peoples busy lives.

If you are getting a garden redesign, be sure to explore some of the most beautiful, contemporary style, natural stone garden materials:

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