9 Small Garden Ideas - Make the most of your small garden

Do you have a small garden? Are you wondering what to do with it?
Small gardens require more thought than larger areas, however even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into something special & unique. Whether it’s a courtyard, balcony, city garden or terrace, follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a space that you will be proud of!

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture tends to be the focal point in most garden areas regardless of how much space you have. Smaller garden furniture instead of bulky items will look in more proportion and save on ground space. Placing the furniture at the end of the garden gives an illusion that the area is bigger than it is. Built in seating areas are also a great way of saving space. They can create cosy corners as well as pretty settings.

fossil mint paving slabs raise patio with an outdoor dining table on the centre to the rear of a house. A large parasol hands over the table

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can make a smaller space feel magical and inviting. Fairy lights create a pretty setting, they encourage people to look up which will have the illusion of a bigger space. To create a cosy dining area why not add lanterns & candles! They take up very little space, add warmth & brightness, especially in winter months.

Alternatively, by placing lights in flower beds, you can be sure that the effort you've put into any plantings will always be seen.

Keeping Your Garden Tidy

Weeds, overgrown flowers and clutter will make a garden look, untidy, messy & potentially smaller. When your limited with space it is essential to keep the area neat and tidy.

Keep bushed pruned and any patio areas nice and clean and free from clutter. It's important the keep a small garden feeling as wide open as possible, and even little patches of clutter can catch your eye and make the space feel smaller.

tidy white porcelain patio with copper slate edging it. There is a short 2 foot hedge separating the two slab styles

Choosing the Right Plants

Many people think they don’t have the space or plants; however, plants can be positioned in a number of ways to save on space! Shelving areas, window boxes, vertical/trail planters, raised beds are just some of the ways you can add plants to a smaller area. Plants can transform any outdoor space from a blank canvas to a magical wonderland.

kandla grey paving slabs with a select of different potted plants and square hedges

Improving Garden Privacy

Many smaller gardens, outdoor spaces tend to be overlooked. However, fear not as there are a few ways you can create your own private sanctuary. Living walls are becoming increasingly popular and common especially within smaller areas, they beautify the garden whilst adding privacy.

Contemporary linear fencing will create a more modern feel whilst creating a barrier. Arches and pergolas are great ways to created private, secluded areas. Parasols are possibly the easiest & most cost-efficient way of creating a private area. Larger trees create height, however, be sure to make sure the branches are neat as this could eat away at much needed space on the ground.

A dark stain on a fence can also go a long way to making the garden feel more secluded by providing a more visible boundary

kandla grey porcelain paving patio with a simple wooden fence providing privacy

The Perfect Garden Shed

Sheds can be multi-functional however they can also take up a fair bit of space, so be sure to use them for various reasons in order to get the most out of them! Most people have a shed for storage of garden furniture, tools etc, but why not turn yours into an alfresco dining area in the summer! Sheds are a great platform for hanging plants externally and internally.

a Indian sandstone autumn brown patio with a stylish white fence

Consider Using Mirrors In Your Garden

Outdoor/garden mirrors are fast becoming the new in thing! Not only do they modernise an area, they give an illusion of a bigger space. 

Choosing The Colours For Your Garden Carefully

Adding colour can brighten a small space as well as making it look more appealing & bigger. Light/cool tones give a larger, open feel. Bright/darker shades tend to have the opposite effect. Add colour to your space with furniture, plants, flowers. Painting the fence or wall will create a vibrant space. Cushions, candles will be a point of interest to the eye.
Whichever colour palette you choose, make sure it is consistent and all blends together. This includes any timber or ornamental choices as well. The picture below has stick to reds and warmer tones which keeps the whole space in keeping with itself.

rippon buff mixed size patio with a wooden pergola and some plants. There is a wood-effect hot tub under the pergola

Using Height Variations

Height will help to make an area look bigger than it is. It draws the eye upwards which in turn can make the limited space feel more open. Back drops are a great way of creating extra height. Different levels will create more space, while steps leading up to different levels will give the illusion of a bigger area/space.

black limestone patio with black limestone steps leading up to a higher level of the garden

Conclusion - Don't Be Limited By Space

Even if you don't have the most space to work with in your garden, there are all sorts of ways to maximise the use of space, or to simply make the space appear bigger. 

A well planned, well crafted small space can have a huge impact - so don't neglect it. The garden is a wonderful part of any home; if you choose to leave it untouched, it will never truly feel like a finished space. 

Hopefully from the above examples you can see just how many ways you can maximise your space and really make your small garden a feature point for your property.

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