EASY Joint Colours vs Joint-IT Colours

Are you looking for a sweep-in jointing compound or patio grout but not sure of the best product for you? In this blog post we look at both EasyJoint and Joint-IT colours. These are two of the highest selling jointing compounds on the market. In this blog we compare both products so you can see which one is the best product for your needs.

What are Jointing Compounds?

Jointing compounds are the quickest, most effective way to grout or re-grout your patio. They are a resin-based sand that is vacuum packed into plastic bags and added to a tub before shipping. The resin in the product cures the sand as soon as it is exposed to air and will ultimately set solid over 48 hours giving you a complete solution for grouting your paving without having to scrape through it on your hands and knees.

The two market leaders are EASYJoint and Joint-IT, so lets look at both of these and see which one comes out on top.


EASTJoint is the original sweep-in jointing compound. It is a very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving. EasyJOINT can be used on all types of paving materials provided there is a gap of at least 3mm in width and a depth of 25mm. 


  • All-weather jointing compound.
  • Very fast to use and requires minimal effort.
  • No staining or framing is left after correct use of this compound product.
  • Minimal waste after use.

EASYJoint works 10-20 times faster than conventional mortar and it can be installed in rain or dry sunshine. When used with water, it offers a mark free paving solution and a solid join that will last for years to come. EASYJoint, as the name implies, prides itself on being a product that is easy to use.

Overall EASYJoint seems like a good option. It works exactly like it says on the tin and with proper application, there is very little that can go wrong. However, there does seem to be a small issue with production where around 10-20% of the tubs have already set before being opened.


Every Joint-IT product has been formulated to deliver a professional and quality result. The joint compound has been developed by professional pavers. Joint-IT delivers the exceptional results that customers have come to expect from the Joint-IT range of paving products. It is a water-permeable, cement-free and ready-mixes paving jointing compound. It is made from a mixture of specialist sands and glues that are non-hazardous.


  • Frost resistant grouting and weed resistant paving solution.
  • Cost-effective jointing mix that is quick and easy to use.
  • Each tub has a storage life of 12 months.
  • No need for tricky installation with the use of a trowel.

Joint-IT is a ready-to-use mortar that offers an easy to use, quick-drying and fast application solution. It can be applied in wet or dry weather. Joint-IT is weed resistant, frost-resistant and power-washer resistant. It is a cement free product that is permeable, non-staining and non-hazardous. Once installed correctly, Joint-IT can be walked up on within 24 hours.

Joint-IT is a great option and it is the product we choose to stock. It is slightly more cost-effective with a slightly finer grain, so we find it's a little more agreeable in terms of getting it into the joint. However, both are good options.

EASYJoint Colours vs Joint-It Colours

EASYJoint is available in a selection of 5 colours which is one of it's main selling points. Whatever your project, there is a colour suitable for it. Joint-IT has comparable colours, but only in 3 out of 5 colours. It's important to note that the two products aren't interchangeable, so if you've already started a project with one, you can't simply switch to the other, but the colours are a very similar with 3 of the ranges.

The colours are as follows:

Mushroom EASYJoint: A pale, sandy colour compound.

This is the most popular colour option within the EASYJoint range. It goes well with light and dark paving slabs and is suitable for almost any project 

Joint-IT Neutral - Alternative:

The 'Neutral' colour option within the Joint-IT range is almost identical. It has the same pale shades and colours suitable for both dark and light pavers.

Stone Grey EASYJoint: A subtle light grey.

After mushroom, this is the next lightest colour. Mushroom can begin to look dirty quite quickly, so if you wanted something with a bit more grey in, in order that it stays looking fresher for a little longer.

Joint-IT Mid-grey - Alternative: 

The 'Mid Grey grout' Joint-IT is the best alternative to stone grey. 


Basalt EASYJoint: A darker grey.

This option is darker than the other two options, without being a really dark black

This is the next most popular option after mushroom. It's the opposite end of the spectrum where it's a nice, deep, dark grey that works very well with darker paving slabs.

Joint-IT Dark Grey - Alternative: 

Joint-It 'Dark Grey' or slate grey grout is almost identical. It has finer grains, so there is less light grains speckled throughout it, but the overall tone is pretty much the same.

There are 2 EASYJoint ranges that don't have a Joint-IT comparison:

Buff Sand EASYJoint: 

This is similar to mushroom, but it has an overall more orangey effect to it.

If you are pointing up pale slabs that have a bit of colour to them, mushroom can be a bit underwhelming. If the desired effect is to have a more colourful, striking patio, then buff sand is a good option to keep an injection of colour present.

Jet Black: the darkest jointing compound on the market.

Jet black EASYJoint is only used in specific circumstances. It's too dark to use on most projects, but where you have used dark or black slabs for a patio, and you wanted to blend the whole area together, then this is a good option if you didn't want to see the joints at all.  

Why Choose EASYJoint?

EASYJoint offers all-year-round use. It can be applied any time in the wet warm or freezing cold. It is up to 20 times faster to use than traditional mortar jointing products and there is no need to bend over or be on your hands and knees to trowel it in. The EASYJoint product is extremely strong and offers long-lasting joints for years to come. When used correctly there will be no staining on patio slabs as the products comes away completely cleanly.

Once a tub of EASYJoint has been opened, the unused remains can be stored for future use - you will just need to add water to the tub at time of use and store the product with the lid on. Before opening, this compound offers a very long shelf life and it will not go off as long as the bag is tightly sealed. It is water and liquid permeable to allow drainage through the paving, but to stop the weeds coming back through the paving. 

Once used correctly, EASYJoint can take up to 3 tonnes loading capacity, as long as it has been given time to set and dry. It is a cement free and total resin-free product. This means it is both free from hazardous substances and environmentally friendly. It is a ready to use product and no mixing is required.

Joint-It Colour Options - Shop Here!

Why Choose Joint-IT?

If you are looking for a non-staining grout for your newly laid patio or driveway, then why not choose Joint-IT? It is a product that is easy to use and will maintain the integrity of your beautiful natural stone or cobbled area.

Every natural stone or brick paved area will come with the annual chore of weeding to keep it looking its best. But when you use Joint-IT this chore is taken away. Joint-IT is a weed resistant paving solution. It is also quick to apply and ready to use. After just 30 days the paving will be power wash resistant - just don't aim directly at the joints!

The great thing about Joint-IT products is that they are expert hardscape products. They offer the best possible combination of advanced technological formulations and environmentally friendly raw materials. All while promising a strong and effect solution for your paving needs.

Joint-IT can be used to fill the joints between natural stone and concrete paving slabs. It is a different paving jointing product because on contact with the air, the product hardens. This is why you must use plenty of water when using this product. By ensuring that the paving slabs are wet you will void the risk of any staining of your patio or driveway.

EASYJoint vs Joint-IT Colours Overview

Both the EASYJoint and Joint-IT products have their own benefits. If you are unsure of the right paving accessories for your needs, call our team. We have a friendly team of paving specialists that will help ensure you create the right paving for your needs.

You can purchase Joint-IT directly from our website here.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can give us a call on 

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Or, email us at sales@primethorpepaving.co.uk and we'll be happy to provide any extra advice.

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