Fireplace Hearth Edges - What Edge Finishes Are Available?

Bespoke Fireplace Hearth - Custom Edge Finishes

Getting a bespoke finished fireplace hearth stone is a perfect solution for many. They arrive ready to fit and are cut to exact specifications, meaning no headaches for you. 

As well as the size and shape of the piece, the edges can also be finished in a number of ways. This is the last major aesthetic choice you need to make so it is important you get it right. There are 4 options to chose from: straight, chamfered, half-bullnosed or full-bullnosed.

There are pros & cons of opting for each edge, so it's important to be aware of it all.

The Difference Between 'Worked' or 'Un-worked' Edges

The explanation of the edges types below will make reference to whether the edges are 'worked' or 'unworked'.

Worked edges simply means our stonemasons have used specialist tools to make sure the edges are as neat and smooth as possible. This will remove any scuff marks, chips or other imperfections prior to dispatch. 

When opting for a worked edge, it gives our masons extra time to get your piece up to their high standards. They cost extra, but are normally worth the extra expenses.

Un-worked edge types: Straight-Edge

Worked edge types: Chamfered, half-bullnosed or full-bullnosed

Straight-Edge Fireplace Hearth

Also know as 'sawn' edges, these are the standard edge that hearths come with.

As you can see above, the edges are straight as an arrow. This choice has the sharpest corners and the cleanest edge and is a great option for a contemporary finish.

Pros +

  • Clean corners and lots of edges.
  • Suited to a modern area.
  • Corners and clean edges are fashionable.
  • There is no extra charge for a straight edge.

Cons - 

  • Painful to stub your toe on!
  • 'Unworked' so the imperfections will remain on the piece.

Hand-Dressed Edge Fireplace Hearth

Only available in select sizes, the hand dressed edges are a true rustic finish. Each piece has been split by hand giving a unique and different edge on every piece.

The edges are rough and ready and really add to a traditional feel. If you have a cottagey or old style property, you don't want to overwhelm it with an overly modern finish.

Pros +

  • Very suited to a classic interior
  • Competitively priced - similar price to a sawn edge.
  • Chips and marks do not matter on the edges.

Cons -

  • Limited sizes available - cannot be cut to every size.
  • The stone splits in an unpredictable way, so can be a little wavey.

Chamfered Edge Fireplace Hearth

The most popular edge. Sometimes referred to as a beveled edge - this is the most affordable 'worked' edge meaning our masons can add their finishing touches and eliminate all the imperfections.

These edges have the sharp top edge taken away. This means there are no really sharp visible edges and overall results in a softer feel. A chamfered edge fits with a wide variety of interior styles, lending itself to either a modern or traditional space.

Pros +

  • Suits any style interior.
  • Simple & affordable.
  • A 'worked' edge, so the imperfections will be buffed out.

Cons -

  • Finished with a sanding pad and it is done free-hand - this means each piece can be chamfered slightly differently the last.
  • More expensive than an un-worked edge.

Half-Bullnosed Fireplace Hearth

Similar to the chamfer, this edge smooths the top edge away but in a more noticeable fashion.

The top edge is rounded using a specialist tool rather than a sanding pad. This results in a rounded top edge instead of the flat edge of a chamfer. It is more decorative and more dramatic.

Pros +

  • Decorative and stylish.
  • Specialist tool so consistent between hearths.
  • A worked edge, so there will be no imperfections.

Cons - 

  • More expensive than a chamfer.
  • When chosen for a slate hearth, sometimes the slate layers are visible through the bullnose.

Full Bullnosed Fireplace Hearth

The same process as a half-bullnose but the bottom corner has also been bullnosed. All visible straight edges are removed and replaced with a a curve.

This finish also uses a specialist tool which rounds the top and bottom of the piece simultaneously. It is our most complete option and looks incredibly finished.

Pros +

  • Very complete finish as all visible edges are perfectly smooth.
  • Rounded edges meet and create a great effect at the corners.
  • No scuffs or imperfections on any edge.

Cons -

  • Looses the natural feel as all edges are completely rounded.
  • Most expensive finish.
  • We don't offer it!

We hope This Helped - Edge Choices

We hope this helped make it clear which edge choices are available. There is plenty of choice, so it is important to get it right. If you want an extensive guide on just how much a bespoke fireplace hearth costs, give the article a read!

If you want to get an accurate price, grab a quote on on our fireplace hearth page.

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