Garden Stone Walling - Using Natural Stone Over Factory Blocks

There is no denying that wooden fencing is a quick and practical solution for your garden. However, nothing beats the solid durability and timeless beauty of walling stone. 

If you’re looking for an attractive walling solution in your garden, a tumbled stone walling looks a lot better than man-made bricks. The sandstone for our tumbled walling stone has been ‘tumbled’ in a large industrial machine. This is used to wear the edges of the stone, giving them a subtle aged look. The machine part of the process really adds shape and character to the stone walling.

However, when it comes to choosing and working with garden walling stone, there are a few things you need to consider. We talk about these in this blog post but if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

What Is Garden Walling?

Garden walling is often an undervalued feature of many gardens or outdoor spaces. However, the right garden stone walling option has the power to achieve some incredible results. A well-planned stone garden wall will breath new life into your garden. It can work as a fresh focal point, support structures in the garden or retain parts of a sloped outdoor space. Whatever the need for garden walling, a tumbled stone walling is a great option to consider.

natural kandla grey wall with an up close zoom in

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What Is Garden Walling Stone?

Garden Walling consists of natural stone blocks that are specifically designed to create garden walls, while defining outdoor spaces and bringing structure and height where it is needed. Garden walling stones are load bearing, but they are also incredibly decorative.

While the tumbled stone walling will do the important job of retaining soil or providing privacy in your outdoor area, it will also provide a transforming focal point. Our tumbled stone comes in different sizes, colours and textures. This mix of colours, shapes, sizes and textures enables you to create anything from a smooth and elegant feature wall, right through to a more rustic and informal wall which adds to the beauty and style of your property.

Stone Walling Is Made To Last

Stone has been used in walling construction across the UK for hundreds of years. The earliest evidence of a stone wall dates back to well before the Bronze Age. Some of these stone walls can still be seen today. One example is Hadrian’s Wall which is still mostly intact today. This is a clear demonstration of just how durable walling stones are.

More recently, stone walled gardens have been a regular feature in country estates across the UK. They provide boundaries to properties, beauty to gardens and sheltered spots to grow vegetables and flowers.

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How Is Tumbled Stone Walling Made?

Tumbled walling is made by placing the prepared stone in a large drum. This is then rotated mechanically. The rotations of the drum cause the stone to tumble and this roughens the edges of the stones and highlights their imperfections. The tumbling of the stone adds to the distressed look by smoothing the edges of the stone. However, this process also exposes the natural colour of the stone, in all its natural and rustic beauty.

Where Can Tumbled Stone Walling Be Used?

There are lots of contemporary and traditional options for tumbled stone walling. They can be used for the walls in your garden. You can then continue the theme through complementary steps, paving and edging through your garden. Many homeowners opt for tumbled stone copings and pier caps to match their tumbled stone wall too. This works really well, adding to the natural, rustic look and feel of the garden.

fossil mint wall made from natural quarried stone

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Which Garden Walling Stones Are Best?

Finding the right walling stones for your garden is the start of the journey. There are lots of different materials out there and each will offer a different finish. Natural stone will create superb walls to surround entertaining areas in your garden.

If you’re looking for more of a rustic look then try Indian sandstone tumbled stone walling. Tumbled Indian sandstone walling will offer you shades of warm autumn shades or more cool and contemporary shades, dependent on the colour of sandstone you choose. The great thing about sandstone is that it is robust and durable.

Which Walling Bricks Do I Use for A Retaining Wall?

Blocks that are suitable for retaining walls can be made of natural stone or concrete. If you are looking for more of a decorative or pretty wall, then we would recommend tumbled stone walling bricks. These have been engineered to be good load-bearing wall stones and are capable of retaining soil in a garden setting. Just because tumbled stone looks good, it doesn’t mean they aren’t tough or durable enough for any job that you might have in mind.

The other option is a concrete breeze block wall. This could then have a real stone walling veneer. This will still give you the beauty you are looking for.

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Why Use Porcelain Wall Cladding?

If these stones are not quite doing it for you, something you may not have considered is our porcelain wall cladding. It is DIY friendly and needs just a few basic skills and equipment. Using porcelain wall cladding on your garden walls is a straightforward job and will offer some amazing results.

a wall and stone stair combination with the wall cladding with stone effect porcelain slips

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If you are looking for decorative garden walling to create height or divide areas in your garden, check out our tumbled stone walling. It looks incredible and lasts the test of time.

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