Grey Slate Paving Slabs - A Luxury Option for Luxury Spaces

If you’re looking for a natural stone to create the perfect area for your back garden, why not consider slate paving? It’s a beautiful natural rock that is predominantly grey in colour. However, it has other shades of interest and the occasional minerals which give it a truly natural and unique appeal. There are plenty of different types of slate paving slabs available on the market, but here we will focus on Brazilian Grey Slate paving specifically.

That said, we don’t just recommend grey slate tiles for their beauty and colour. Slate paving is very strong and durable. It makes the perfect surface for outdoor use and looks just as incredible on a sunny day as during a heavy rainfall. Grey slate paving tiles are also slip resistant. This makes them safe for elderly people, children and pets, even when it’s raining, or the ground is wet.

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Grey slate paving is a hard-wearing and durable natural stone. It has been designed for outdoor use and will last the test of time, even during the harshest weather conditions that Britain has to offer. Grey slate paving slabs are suited to the British climate and offer a robust paving option to gardens and patios across the UK.

The beauty of grey slate tiles is that it’s not too strong of a colour. Instead, it is a cool neutral colour. This provides the ideal backdrop for your garden and space of calm or area for outdoor entertaining of guests.

Why Opt For Slate Paving?

Slate paving is a popular option for many homeowners due to the natural riven texture, but also the range of natural colours it is available in. Slate tiles are suitable for creating a modern or traditional patio design and really can bring any garden to life.

Like many natural stone paving options, slate paving tiles are very durable. They are an excellent option for high foot traffic areas and will last for decades. Grey slate slabs are also incredibly stain resistant. This means that your grey slate tile patio will look as good as new for years to come.

If you are looking for a no-fuss and low maintenance paving solution that will last the test of time and breathe life into your garden; check out our range of grey slate tiles.

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Why Grey Slate Tiles Are Still Top Choice

Grey slate tiles are timeless and practical. There are many reasons why they are such a great choice for today’s modern living. It’s been used for hundreds of years and will be used for hundreds of more years too.

The beautiful charcoal, silver and rust shades in a grey slate tile offer a stunning patio area. These moody tones can actually provide an easier backdrop to create your dream garden from, than lighter or warm natural stone paving. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic and elegant garden area, a light and bright patio area or something totally unique and minimalistic, grey slate tiles could be the perfect paving solution for you.

Grey slate tiles can complement a huge spectrum of styles and shades. They do this while providing interest and character, along with safety underfoot due to the texture of the grey slate paving slabs that offer slip-resistance and beauty.

Slate is a naturally dense material. This means that it doesn’t absorb moisture very quickly - hence its longevity. However, grey slate tiles look just as fabulous when wet or dry. One thing that is really interesting to watch is your grey slate paving tiles drying out after a heavy downpour. You can see them slowly change colour before your very eyes.

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What Is Riven Grey Slate Paving?

The term riven refers to the surface texture of the stone. Slate is created naturally when the stone is split along its layers. This provides a truly authentic and stunning finish to the slate paving tiles. The splitting process leave beautiful natural variations of colours and shades through the surface of each grey slate tile. This means that no two grey slate paving tiles are even the same. We feel that is the real beauty of riven paving.

Grey Slate Tiles Overview

For a crisp and clean look that blends seamlessly into a contemporary setting, we would recommend grey slate garden tiles. The darker the grey slate tiles, the better they will offset bright floral plants and other accessories in your garden.

Check out our range of grey slate tiles here, to find the slate paving tiles to suit your needs.

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