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It's well documented that the cost of a patio can vary dramatically based a whole host of factors. So much so that it is next to impossible to guess how much a full makeover is going to cost you.

Factors that can affect cost:

  • Location
  • Size of patio
  • Choice of slab
  • Condition of the earth - is it soft clay, or normal soil.
  • Access through to the garden - is there a wide gate, or will materials have to be carried through the house?
  • Additional extras such as raised beds, steps or other planting

There is so much that can change how much your project will cost - but you should have a guide figure in mind before you start getting quotes on the project.

With this in mind, we've constructed a patio cost calculator for you to use as a guide, so you know roughly what to expect when you start getting your first quote. For a more in-depth look, check out our costs of laying a patio guide.

The calculator uses the average price per m2 of slabs, along with the average cost of a professional landscaper to supply and lay in your area, if this is the avenue you are going down (recommended).

Simply plug in the length and width of your desired patio, select who is going to be doing the work and then your location - and you will get a rough guide price for the work.

Please note, this is a guide price - this is not to be taken as gospel. A professional will know much more about your space and what it is likely to cost you. But it does give you an idea of how much this is likely to cost.

Use our UK Patio Cost Calculator Below


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