What Are Riven Paving Slabs, And Why Are They So Popular?

If you like the style of uneven paving slabs, then you will love riven paving slabs. These are specially made uneven patio slabs. They are textured paving that creates the look and feel of rustic patio slabs. Riven paving slabs are available in a wide range of unique colours and materials, designed to make your paved garden area stylish and natural.

You can check out our range of riven sandstone paving online, but first, maybe you want to know what riven paving slabs are?

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What Does "Riven" Paving Mean?

The term ‘riven’ refers to the surface texture of the paving stone. It is created naturally when stone is split along its layers. This is what provides the paving stone with a truly authentic and naturally beautiful finish. The splitting process leaves natural variations throughout each slab. This means that no two riven sandstone paving slabs are ever the exact same.

Each textured paving slab adds to the natural and organic look of a patio, so if you are looking to create a natural or traditional-looking patio, then you may want to look into riven slabs a little more. The riven surface creates a timeless appeal to any traditional garden design. This style of Indian sandstone, or certain slate paving ranges, are well suited to traditional settings. It is also a great alternative and less costly than Yorkstone paving.

Riven is a term that should set certain expectations. Even the highest grade riven paving will have a variation in thickness across the slabs. Simply by definition, these are slabs with varying thicknesses to provide a textured finish. If you are looking for something consistent or smooth, it's possibly not a great option for you.

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Why Choose Riven Paving Slabs?    

If you are looking to give your patio area that timeless and traditional finish, then you definitely want to consider riven paving slabs. They have been hand-split from larger blocks to reveal the natural and unpolished finish of the surface of the stone. Riven sandstone paving evokes the look of rustic patio slabs and period flagstones.

Textured paving is a popular choice for more informal garden designs and cottage-type gardens. Rustic paving slabs look at home surrounding period properties or shady pathways. Our riven paving slabs are extremely popular where slip resistance is an important factor too.

If you’re looking to create that more rustic and traditional look, why not surround the riven sandstone paving slabs with cobbles or setts of a similar colour and material.

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone with Cobbled Border

Why Is Riven Sandstone Paving So Popular?

Riven sandstone paving is a popular choice for many homeowners. The riven paving slab offers a rugged natural stone look that is strong and durable. Textured paving also offers clean straight edges, which, when paired with the rustic look paving slab, offer a paving solution that is stylish and easy to install.

However, there are many reasons that riven sandstone paving is so popular. We have listed some of the reasons that homeowners choose riven sandstone paving slabs below:

  • Riven paving slabs offer excellent non-slip and slip-resistant qualities.
  • Riven sandstone paving is perfect for all traditional house types.
  • There are a huge range of colours and sizes of riven paving stones to choose from.
  • Textured paving resembles the rugged appearance of natural stone.
  • Our rustic patio slabs are vibrant in colour and this colour is long-lasting.
  • Riven patio slabs offer a clean straight edge in their appearance.
  • Riven sandstone patio slabs provide extremely low slip and skid risk, naturally.
  • Textured paving is low maintenance and extremely durable.
  • Rustic patio slabs look great wet or dry.

Our riven paving stones offer your garden a natural look. The variations between each paver add an authentic finish to any traditional garden or patio design. Our textured paving stones are available in a range of sandstone, slate and limestone to create a finish to your patio that you will love for years to come.

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