What Indian sandstone colours are available?

If you are looking to transform your garden or patio with high quality paving, you can’t go far wrong with Indian sandstone. Indian sandstone paving slabs are high quality, durable, low maintenance and available in a wide range of colours.

Indian sandstone offers a level of charm and appeal that only natural stone paving can. Due to the natural colour variations through sandstone patio slabs, no two slabs are ever the same. We feel this adds to the natural beauty of the stone, and your garden or patio area.

The colours of Indian sandstone paving stoves have been formed naturally over thousands of years from mines in India. There are so many options, it will be easy for you to choose the Indian sandstone colour paving that best suits your needs. We have the right Indian sandstone paving tiles for your tastes and garden.

We feel that the real charm of Indian sandstone paving stones is that each paving stone is unique in colour, shading and design. This provides your outdoor space with natural character and appeal which is so popular in gardens across the UK.

It can be tricky to choose the right colour Indian sandstone paving for your garden, so, in this blog post we would like to share with you just some of the Indian sandstone colours that you can choose from. We also explain why they might be the right Indian sandstone colour paving for your garden.

Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

Autumn brown Indian stone colour paving mixes shades of light and dark brown. This colour of Indian stone enhances natural settings and surroundings. The colour mixes work really well in large areas where the space that would otherwise look bland can be enlivened. This Indian stone colour creates a warm impression and looks great near older homes too. It’s a very attractive paving stone and lends itself well to a more rural scene. The autumn brown sandstone paving slabs are very popular among homeowners that prefer a reddish colour of brown, instead of grey, beige, and green colourings.


autumn brown indian sandstone paving

Camel Dust Indian Sandstone Patio Tiles

Camel dust Indian sandstone paving offer a mellow blend of sandy tones that add warmth to courtyards and patio areas. The colour palette of this Indian stone is subtle but attractive, making it a great all-round Indian stone colour paving choice. Cool silvers can be seen, blended in with the warmer pinks and sun-baked terracotta shades of this sandy looking patio tile. The shades and colours are blended inconsistently, adding character, charm, warmth and brightness to your outdoor area.

 camel dust indian sandstone paving

Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone Paving Stones

If you are looking to add brightness and clarity to your outdoor paved area, we would recommend fossil mint sandstone paving stones. The blend of cream, golden, beige, brown and orange shades that make up these light-coloured Indian stone slabs are very impressive, stable and reliable in any outdoor space. Fossil mint sandstone paving is an extremely popular paving solution due to the fact the shades complement many settings and gardens. This colour Indian sandstone looks great against red brick, or mellow stone, blending or contrasting with its surroundings beautifully.


fossil mint indian sandstone paving

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

Kandla grey is one of our most popular Indian stone colours. This beautiful stone colour comprises of light shades of blues and greys. If you are looking to create a traditional look for your patio, with a modern touch, we would recommend the lightly riven surface of Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving. It offers a really nice traditional and contemporary impression in one. The light tones of this Indian sandstone colour work to really brighten up any outdoor space and adds a real sense of space. We feel that the infinite tonal variations of this stone make it such a desirable household favourite.


kandla grey indian sandstone paving

Rippon Buff Indian Sandstone Patio Slabs

When you are looking to add colour and style to your outdoor area, rippon buff sandstone patio slabs are a solid choice. Whilst looking like what you would expect from an authentic and natural sandstone, this classic sandstone is made up of an attractive mix of colours. You can expect orange shades with swirls of pinks, purples, greys, silver and even the occasional streak of yellow too. The finish of the rippon buff sandstone patio tile is a colourful yet subtle result. The colours of the Indian stone add character and personality to your patio. When you choose rippon buff sandstone paving for your patio area, you are left with a paved area that is truly unique to anyone else’s, due to natural and beautiful variations in the stones.


rippon buff indian sandstone paving

Raj Green Indian Sandstone Patio Stones

Raj Green sandstone patio stones offer a subtle light green paving option made up of beautiful tonal variations of brown, grey, orange and green, with golden shades too. This Indian stone colour is one of our bestselling Indian sandstone colours. We feel this is down to its similarities in colouring to traditional York stone paving. Purplish tones can also be seen pushing through this warm and cheerful Indian sandstone paving stone. This adds to traditional look of this paving stone.


raj green indian sandstone paving

Raveena Indian Sandstone Paving Stones

Raveena natural sandstone paving offers a very striking paving option. The mix of purplish colours set against the grey and buff background of the stone create a varied and bold paving stone that offer something very special for outdoor paved areas across the UK. If you are looking to create a really colourful and striking look in your garden, we would recommend the Raveena sandstone paving slabs. They offer something that could never be replicated by alternate concrete paving options.


raveena indian sandstone paving

What Indian Sandstone Colours Will You Choose For Your Garden?

Still not sure of the right Indian stone colours for your garden? Why not check out our colours online, pop into our store or order a sample. Our selection of coloured Indian stone paving can transform your garden with their medley of natural colours.

The benefit of natural sandstone paving is the charm and appeal it offers. No matter the colour Indian sandstone paving you choose, it will fill your garden with character.

With so many Indian sandstone colours to choose from, it can be hard to decide which Indian sandstone colour paving is right for your project. If you’re not sure, which is the best colour for you, call our team. We can talk through your project and desired outcomes for your garden to help you make the right paving choice.

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